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SEMI O/T...Anyone ever purchased from Coleman Furniture?

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Link Here...
Mixed reviews online, could be any retailer with the stuff I have found. Says they have been in business 13 years, online.
Decent pricing, No tax, and free shipping...too good to be true?
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I have actually purchased twice now and both have been pleasant experiences. Most of the bad reviews I saw is because people said it took awhile to get their furniture. I think that this isn't a valid complaint and I will explain why. They told me that delivery to my area takes about 3 weeks FROM WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE FROM THE MANUFACTURER. In fact, my second order the furniture was on back order for one week and they actually phoned AND emailed me letting me know delivery would be more like 4 weeks. I think the people who complained either didn't bother to listen, or were the usual obnoxious people you come across who will complain online if their wife burnt the toast that morning. They let me know very clearly about the delay and asked me if it was ok with me and if not I had the option to cancel at that time.

As a small business owner myself, the kind of people who like to try to complain so hopefully they will get some compensation sicken me. After seeing how this company is efficient and organized (call them yourself if you don't believe me, they will answer the phones while most of the other companies online ; wouldn't answer even in middle of the day!), and they will reply to your concerns via email as well.

And yes, they do free shipping and setup as well on most items (you left that out smile.gif )
They do charge tax to the State of NY though everywhere else they don't. You can see that right there on the site though.

Peace and love... I'm gonna go poke around this site some more... I like what I see so far...
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I appreciate the response, and, please don't take this the wrong way...
But, input from someone, that has been a member longer than a day, is appreciated, if they have used Coleman as a vendor...
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One last shameless bump in the hopes that someone has used them and has not seen my post...
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LOL... sorry dude... I'm booked out I'm afraid... No way do I have it in me to become a power poster on these forums! I'm already a big Flyertalk and Fatwallet forum member. Frankly my wife says I no longer have a wife... If I took on this website too I would be in big trouble!

Anyhow take it or leave it... up to you! I had a good transaction w/ them but that's my own 2c
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Kevin, Just order from RSH at Rtheaters.com and join the scores of satisfied AVS forum members. Roman will answer questions on the Theater accessories sectiion of the forum.
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I purchased from RSH at Rtheaters.com and am very happy with the chairs and service.
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thanks guys
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Don't buy, trrible company

"Their service is really bad. My new loveseat is broken in one leg,
there are scrash, gouge, the ask me to looking for somebody to fix it,
they pay 150$ max.

Following is the price I need pay.
The gouge in the front is non repairable. The board will have to be replaced
and colored to match. $550.00 on the low side. Can you give me dimensions on
the front board. And do you think it can be replaced. Please provide picture
of entire loveseat. We charge $150.00 for a visual estimate but will credit
that back if any job over $450.00. Thank you and we hope to earn your
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