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Using Remote Potato on my i3 2105 based system, Win7 Ultimate, 8 gigs memory, on FIOS 35/35 pipe, I'm seeing CPU usage go up and stay up at different levels as video is transcoded and streamed out. Obviously this is a CPU-intensive task. Sometimes holding at 89%, peaking to 99%. Other times steady at 30%-75% or even stretches in the 90s. Performance is great. Streaming HD across the Internet has been working with few hiccups. Even two simultaeous HD streams to two different devices works well, with CPU near max. No doubt the chip is working hard.

Temperatures, however, have not been a problem. At rest the CPU is usually around 38-42C. Under intense streaming load it elevates and stays at 50-54C, totally fine.

1) If CPU temps are under control, does running the CPU at near maximum for extended stretches present a problem?

2) If the CPU were a true quad core (not dual-core w/hyperthreading), would it handle this type of work better without pushing the CPU as much? (I'm considering upgrading to more easily handle this, as we definitely will use Remote Potato regularly.)