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Looking for a soundbar to compliment my sharp 80-632. My avr just gave up the ghost and the WAF factor wants the speakers gone (she already caved on the 80, so I'm not going to push it any farther on the stereo). She agreed to a soundbar and sub only. My requirements are:
1: BT to stream /simulcast my football internet radio broadcasts
2: Hdmi
3: not to exceed $500 if possible
4: be able to utilze Dish network remote if possible

Doing some searches and not finding much out there, any ideas other than waiting for new units to appear this fall?
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It's been a good 6-7 months since I researched soundbars when I was shopping for one. On bluetooth option, I think Yamaha sold bluetooth receiver as an accessory (among the soundbars that I liked). Besides that there were a few soundbars (LG, Samsung, Panasonic iirc) that came with Bluetooth feature but I did not fancy them at all. In short, the options were very limited for bluetooth streaming. I simply use a dedicated Aux port to connect my iPod/laptop to the soundbar. Many reviewed / recommended soundbars in this forum meet your other criteria (hdmi, <$500, remote compatibility). Good luck with your selection!
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