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Blade Runner Final Cut wont play! HELP!!!!!

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I just recently got finished watching all the original Blade Runner versions on HD DVD (got the 5 disc set) this past weekend except for the Final Cut disc, I also watched several other of my old HD DVD flims and all played without a hitch or hiccup. I tried playing Blade Runner final Cut and I keep getting a message on my screen saying this disc is not DVD format. Please try again. Or something along those lines! What the heck is up with that???? The entire boxset was sealed and just opened this past weekend. There are no smudges or scratches on any of the discs.

I am using an HD-XA1 at the moment. I know its ancient but its been working wonders for me the past year!

Thanks guys
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All I can say is welcome to the club :-/

I own three HD-XA1s, a HD-A1, a HD-D1 and a couple Xbox 360 add-ons. A majority of discs from my collection will play fine in all my players but a few titles have players that simply do not like them. Two examples are The Ant Bully (won't play in my A1) and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (won't play in anything but the 360 add-ons). There's no real rhyme or reason for The Ant Bully since all the XA1s, A1s and D1s are really the exact same machines but here we are. All are on firmware 4.0 by the way.

Also, as an aside, I can't play any Millcreek released DVD (mega-film collection or even children's disc) for more than an hour in any of my first generation players before they lock up [shrug]
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Yeah I dont get it as mine is also at the latest firmware. I tried throwing Blade Runner Final Cut in my back up Onkyo HD DVD player and it played just fine so that obviously means it has to do with the XA1 itself. The thing that sucks about everything is I really dont want to go behind the rack and start rearranging players for just one film. SMH
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You need to read the thread on Warner HD DVD discs and "disc rot". I have backed up all my Warner HD DVD's to hard disk since several have become unplayable, including the Blade Runner Workprint and Forbidden Planet.
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Would be interesting to see if your BR-FC disc can be ripped to a computer. If it can with zero errors, then the disc is perfect, and there's something amiss with the XA1. If it CAN'T be ripped, or rips with errors, then your answer is that the Onkyo handles disc problems better than the XA1.

A set-top player will attempt to play-thru errors, and minor errors may not even be apparent on playback, while a computer's "rip to disc" procedure will NOT tolerate them, or at least will report that it had to "retry" the bad sectors and may eventually read them properly.
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All of my Harry Potters, Bullitt, The Last Samurai, and The Perfect Storm are not playable. I have a HD-A1. All of the movies just freeze, except for the perfect storm, the HD-A1 recognized it as a CD...weird. In a computer HD-DVD drive (LG) it was just not readable either.

I recently converted/backed up all my remaining HD-DVD disks to BD-R.
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Thanks all! It's not a rotten disc it just turns out for whatever stupid reason my XA1 wont play it! I got it to play through fully on my Onkyo HD player and it was fine. I also played my Blu-Ray copy as well and both seemed pretty on par with one another. Again thanks all!
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Well, just found out that 8 of my HD-DVD discs don't play at all. mad.gif And they're all from Warner's.

Havent tried Universal's, but this is no good track record at all.
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Not worth nursing a rotting collection. Toshiba and co. really dropped an egg. frown.gif
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