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Distributed Audio

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I would typically pass on this and used what is in place.

We have a client with an older home that was pre-wired with 16/4 and 16/2 x2 for VC locations. At that time to pull an additional cat5e to the location was not the norm, so I dont have that luxury. We always integrate RTI AD-4 , AD-8, Niles ZR-6, or Rusound C-Series distributed audio systems, but I cant get a Cat5e to 50% the locations. The client will not go for iPanel licenses for zone control, so its pretty much left to a traditional system with niles volume controls which is already in place and save me time and him money. Russound is out for the day and tech support email is slower that a telegram, so I wanted to bounce a question out there and see if I could run an A-C68 Zone Amp with A-K5L Keypads using the 16/4 as my connecting line from the amp to the keypads? I assume I would make a pigtail like crossover cable from the 16/4 to cat5e and terminate the end with an RJ-45 connector. Will this work, and has some one done this before? The client just wants the ability to have multi-source multi-zone and not a shared source for the whole house.

8 Zone DA System

Option 1 - Traditional
Option 2 - RTI iPanel With iPod Touch Controllers
Option 3 - Sonos
Option 4 - A-Bus With Modification.........

Thanks for any input and help.
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Try looking at Nexus Audio systems, I have used them and they are solid.

They use a phantom control system where you don;t need cat5e for control. Just the 4 cond speaker wire.
It goes with the k1 or k2 phantom keypad which gives info, feedback and volume levels.
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Is this something that can be acquired with a dealer account or through distribution?
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They are direct.
Give them a call. They are Canadian, so they are nice and friendly.
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Nuvo Essentia and Grand Concerto don't need keypads, if used with iPad/iTouch controls, and I thought Russound offered the same. Retrofit the category cable for keypads where you can, iPort for the other locations?

If you want to put a lot of effort into the project, you may have enough conductors for Nuvo (if no IR needed). Brief mention in this thread: http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-custom/thread.cgi?28853

That thread also discusses using the RTI RK1 IR keypads (4 conductors needed, and more programming required; also, no metadata, but that doesn't sound like a deal breaker).
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