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Which speaker brand to choose

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So hard to choose a brand...
Sinclair Audio

Any thoughts anyone? Is any of these better then the next? Found the Sinclair Audio and KEF at an online store, cheaper then the Paradigm at a locally owned store...

The online store recommended
KEF for a 7.1 setup
q700 front
q800df side rear (x4)
q600c center
ks 1200 ridley

for about 3200 CAD plus tax shipped

Paradigm 7.1 at local store
Ultracube 10
Monitor 9
Center 3
Surround 3 (x4)

for 4222 CAD plus tax picked up

Also the online store is selling the Onkyo 3010 and 5010 around the US price in CAD.

Any thoughts? eek.gif
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Today, buying a speaker is a leap of faith, hence the need for thirty day trial periods.

Being that so much is purchased online, the best I can recommend is to read as many reviews as reasonably possible and then decide, based on reviews which unwittingly, personally speak to you.
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Go to stores and listen to as many as you can.

Determine what you like and dislike - let us know here.

With that people can make better recommendations.

Note that this is a less than ideal way, because what things sound like in a store will be somewhat to very different in your house - but at least recommendations would be based on YOUR opinion of speakers you've heard instead of ours.
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I'd recommend detailing your room, current system, and budget, and allowing the vast knowledge of this forum to narrow the huge amount of choices down to perhaps just a couple. Then, make a final determination.
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Every brand makes good, bad and excellent speakers - - maybe not every (BOSE) and maybe not excellent. Even then what u like might have nothing to do with that.

As suggested above go and audition a few speakers.

Some non brand speakers can be awesome too...

Good luck in your quest...
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Well, an ill informed buyer can easily be swayed and mistakenly purchase something not well suited for their needs.

I strongly suggest a novice to the discipline, educate themselves as much as possible, including allowing the savvy enthusiasts, here and elsewhere, help in guiding with a direction toward a decision. A good bricks and mortar retailer has good advice, however limited selection. A bad retailer,...well, they're bad.

Determining listening distances, listening preferences, room size and type, and actual acoustic and speaker requirements, including budgetary constraints with an eye on the next purchase, this is a prudent avenue to proceed down. This is the value of the information age,....it's all out there for you.
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