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PC Wireless Gamepad

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I'm looking to pick up a cheap game pad for my pc. I recently built a HTPC and would like to try out Battlefield 3 in 3D. I was looking at getting the usb gaming receiver for the xbox controller but they seem to be in short suppy or no longer available. It must be wireless as the HTPC is located outside the theatre. Ideally something like a xbox or ps3 that I'm used to.
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I just bought the wireless 360 receiver for pc. I love it, once I got it set up. There was an issue with my wireless mouse receiver messing with the 360 one. Problem solved and it works great. I bought it on ebay it was like $14.99. I think the guy had a lot of them, and it's real not a knock off. I can dig up the sellers page info if you want
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MS still sells the dongle in a bundle with a controller.

Yea, you don't need another controller, but on the bright side, you won't need to re-sync when you switch from 360 to PC.
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+1 for Xbox360 Wireless Controller.

I use the wired version on my PC but only because I'm not gaming on an HTPC and my chair is next to the computer. Also won't run low on batteries wink.gif
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+1 Wireless 360

I bought a wireless receiver from China two years ago for like $10 and it works great. Most games already utilize 360 layout and for those that don't I use Pinnacle Profiler.
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Thanks for all of the great information. Based on this I went and bought the xbox controller and receiver package from walmart. What a great choice! It seems to work straight of the box for Battlefield 3, although I couldn't figure out how to switch tabs within menus. The next challenge is to figure out why even at the lowest settings it's unplayable. With 8 gigs of ram, a raedon HD6450 and an core i3 2100 I would think it could at least handle medium.

btw I haven't gamed on a pc since Duke Nukem and Quake 2 :P
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