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Will this solve my problem ?

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My TV samsung LED has an optical out and i have no way to attach my TV sound to my analog amp. Will this device convert optical audio into analogue which can be fed to my amplifier.

I had posted a similar thread earlier and everyone suggested that i buy a dac. Upon research came upon these 2 products



Can someone tell me will these devices solve my problem.

Does this device have optical in or out through toslink ?

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Recommendations were provided in your original thread. IMO.... the stuff you're looking at in this thread is overkill.... unless you desire more than just convert optical to analog. Also, there was no need to start a new thread (for continuity purposes). You could have just added a post/question to your original thread.
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It may work, however, it seems like OverKill for the job you want done.


All you need is a Digital to Analog Audio Converter.


You would need to find one that meets your power standard, since it seems you are form across the pond.

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Is your amp a power amp or an integrated amp? In other words, does it have a volume control? Is it strictly an amplifier or is it an A/V receiver? I think the device you linked is doing more things than you need.

For simplicity sake you can use one of these two devices if your amp does have a volume control.
Behringer UCA222
TOSLINK Switch from Monoprice

You could also get something like this as well. It has a pre-amp in case you only have a powered amplifier.
Emotiva XDA-1

These are the most affordable solutions that I know of. Links are provided by US companies. Not sure of your location .
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Wow that was fast. I live in india so the options are limited. The xtremer device i was talking about costs under $100 and has additional features
So instead of just a optical converter i get more with this device.

I have a analog amp that accepts rca input. Its a pretty basic amp 40+ 40 w stereo. Here are the specs - http://www.norgeaudio.com/Dec09.pdf
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