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Small Apartment Setup

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Hey everyone, first time poster here!

I've been reading over all the threads here for some advice on speakers and receivers, since this is my first real audio system. I have a Denon 2312ci receiver and a Klipsch HD Theater 500 system. Now that I've gotten my equipment, I need to place them. I would like some help with setting up my system in my apartment.

Here's a picture of the setup I've thought up. The layout of my living room doesn't really leave much flexibility, but if anyone has any good ways of improving this setup, I'm all ears. Obviously the actual setup would have everything centered with that back wall with the TV. I'm not very good at computer drawing haha.

Thanks for all of the advice throughout the forums and thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer me!

EDIT: I forgot to mention; as this is an apartment, it is somewhat temporary living. Therefore, I'm not too interested in the best possible sound with acoustic treatment. I just want to find the best placement to make do with what I have. Once I start looking for a more permanent residence, I'll definitely make sure the home theater room is a better layout.
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I'm not quite sure what you mean about the centering. Do you mean that you will center the couch on the short wall as opposed to having it left justified (so to speak) as it is shown?

If that is the case, you might think about putting the surrounds behind you.

In your diagram the surrounds are a little forward of the listening position and really they should be at the side of or somewhat behind. If you don't want to put the surrounds on the back wall you could consider moving the couch forward slightly so that the surrounds are at least even with it.
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Wow, talk about a quick reply. What I meant by back wall was actually the front wall (whoops). The TV will be centered along the wall that it is against and the couch would (ideally) be centered to the TV, similar to how it is shown. Since that speaker on the left side of the picture doesn't really have any give on where I put it, I can move the couch up a bit.

Centering the couch along the short wall would look kind of weird to me since the TV would either be off center from the couch or off center from the long wall. With that setup, I can't really put the left speaker behind the couch since it'd be smack dab in the middle of that walkway.

I can definitely move up the couch a bit, so the speakers are more directly to the side. Thanks for the advice!
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Don't commit to your subwoofer location. Try it out in multiple places.
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I just put it there as the first location to try out since as far as I know, it's best to put it in a corner near the front of the area. I'll definitely see where the best spots are. Thanks!
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I think keep the surrounds to the side, a little above ear level. If you put them on the back wall, the sofa will be too close for whoever is not sitting in the center.

For subwoofer placement, you could try "crawling for bass". This is where you sit the sub in your primary listening position and play some music. Start crawling around the room, and wherever it sounds best is where you put the sub. Strange, but it works.

However, since you are in an apartment, I'd recommend not using the sub unless the walls and floors are really thick. Neighbors don't take kindly to bass.
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I have to agree with Designmule...move the rear speakers to the back of the couch...that is directional information that is mixed to sound like it is behind you, not on the sides. My townhouse is very similar to your apartment, and I have my rears at the very back edge of each side of the couch, up on stands so they get over the top of the couch, and angled in at about 45 degrees. works nicely....
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Be careful if you move them behind the sofa. As long as they aren't right next to the sofa, you should be fine. But if the ears of somebody sitting on one side or the other of the sofa will be just a foot or two away from the surround, I'd leave them on the side. Otherwise, the people in the "cheap seats" will hear more from the surround they're right next to than from the fronts, and it will not be a subtle difference which only an audiophile can hear. I once did this, and it was less than ideal.

The surrounds are supposed to be places to the side, and slightly back from the listening position. Here's Dolby's idea of correct speaker placement:


Of course, when room and furniture placement don't line up with the ideal placement, we have to make compromises. Try both and do what sounds best. But if you care about the people listening in the "cheap seats", make sure to do some listening from there also to make sure they aren't getting an earful.
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