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Originally Posted by e2g_ View Post

I see it was suggested in the first reply or so, but was there a reason why you didn't consider going with a single more expensive subwoofer and add a second later? I am dead set on the Rythmik FV15HP, but still swaying on some options in the $1000-$1500 price range.
I will eventually moving from a Bic PL-200 but just spent money on a Denon 4311ci...so a subwoofer upgrade will have to wait for now.

Because he has a 4400^3 room. To each his own but for that size room, a Dual HSU set up should be MORE than powerful enough.
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I wanted duals, and didnt want to spend more than 2k on the subs.. If I had 4k to spend on subs, what would make 2 more expensive subs better than 4 HSUs (or other)??

Anyways, its been a long night. I had quite the journey getting the subs, but I did finally manage to get them into the staging room with the rest of the new speakers setup. New Denon 4311, Emotiva UPA-500, 5x Sonance Cinema LCR2s, 4x Sonance Cinema SUR1's, and 2x Speakercraft TIME 3's. So here is the first family portrait:


And OH MY LORD! The HSU subs are ginormous!!! I couldnt believe the size! My buddy who was helping me said "those may be the right subs, but this room is too small for them!" he thought those should be in a "real" movie theater LOL

I just laughed and said they should do just fine. I cant wait to finish the theater now! I have so much newfound motivation now! cool.gif
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Speaker porn!

Looking good man, the Hsu subs like nice with the Sonance speakers. Can't wait to hear your impressions once you get it all set up.
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I am not sure what would make 1 expensive sub better than 2 HSU, or 2 expensive subs better than 4 HSU...etc....

I was just curious and trying to figure if you needed duals immediately, or if you can wait..... Going with duals made sense since you have a large room and your goal is probably to fill that entire space right off the bat anyhow. A more expensive sub may provide more output, go lower...etc..but it wouldn't be able to smooth out that entire space as opposed to a dual setup (either of expensive, or less expensive subs). It doesn't matter...I see you have the subs now smile.gif

Good luck with the Theatre build. Make sure you take plenty of pics biggrin.gif
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Dude I don't even know you and I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see pics of the final product and to read about your impressions!!

CONGRATS ! Oh and the HSUs look even MEANER with the grills off wink.gif

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so badass
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Thanks guys smile.gif

Here is a pic just for you Ray:


Lots more pics here:

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awesome dude. I saw the pics of your room. The shape may cause some issues with bass. Be sure to do the subwoofer crawl to figure out where you get the bets bass. Unless of course you want them up front for looks. But who knows, maybe the front IS the best place for your room.

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Got it all together yet? Any first impressions?

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Still working on the theater.. Have not hooked up the subs yet.. I'm hoping to have the theater done soon, but it will be a couple weeks at least.
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Lol ok. I wouldn't last half a day without testing my new equipment first.

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Its hard, and I came within one push of a button of trying them out, but the problem was I have them in a way smaller room than their final destination will be. If I had fired them up in a 1500 ft^3 room and listened to them there, I felt as if I would be setting myself up for disappointment once they are in the theater.. I almost moved them back downstairs into the living room which would be a better representation of the volume of the theater, and though hauling those monsters back down the stairs would have been conceivable (hard, but I could manage), convincing the wife of doing so would almost certainly provoke an unwanted battle!

I already took the room that was supposed to be the master bedroom and made it into the theater, I have taken up all that space in construction, and already taken over much of the workout room for many new pieces of equipment since I don't want them to get dirty from the construction.. So I feel I am pushing the WAF envelope LOL And I want to live to see the completion of my theater wink.gif
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