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DENON AVR-590 HDMI / Remote Issues

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First off hello to all from a newbie. Now that the formalities are out of the way, here is my issue. Just moved and finally got around to setting up the 590 again. Everything was working fine after setup until I came back in the room a couple of minutes later and my son was playing with my Harmony One remote. Anyway the issue I'm having now is that no matter if I'm trying to watch cable or watch a movie I have no control over the 590 using either the Harmony One or the Denon Remote (I do have manual control). When I look at the HDMI 1 input on the TV it shows either the DVR or the DVD instead of the AV-590. It almost seems like the signal from either component is bypassing through the 590 which seems to be causing lack of remote function on the 590. When I run the Wii which is hooked up through the VCR component jacks everything works fine and HDMI 1 input on the TV shows AV-590 andI have complete control of the 590 via the remotes. I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out what happened. Somehow I think my son screwed up one of the settings but can figure out what. I tried a micro processor reset with no joy. Any help or info you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.

TV - Sharp LC70C6400U

DVR - Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300

LG blue ray DVD player

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Just an FYI ... there's no reason to double post when you've already posted your question in the Owner's thread. smile.gif
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I don't know if you solved your problem but I had a similar problem with my 590 remote. On the right side of the remote is a little switch that moves between the options Tuner/ Device/ TV. I hit every button on my remote, changed batteries etc to no avail, it drove me nuts until I finally noticed the little switch and it had moved to TV (probably sat on it or something). Could not believe I hadn't seen that switch before, but I never used it so... Anyway, hope you have solved your issue by now, maybe this will help someone else if so!

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