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Which Projector Mount?! Help!

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Hi all,

I just purchased my first pj and I'm loving it. I picked up the Viewsonic Pro8200 and so far the performance and quality has been great. Now I'm ready to get this thing off the coffee table and decide on a mount. Can anyone give me any advice on mounts or happen to know which mount would fit the Viewsonic Pro8200?

I'm looking for either a ceiling mount that hangs down at least a foot or so OR a wall mount so that I can hang the projector about 3/4th up the wall. Ultimately, I need to have my projector about 1-2 feet from the ceiling due to a support beam that hangs down between my projector and my screen. (Of course, I dont want the top half of my movies hitting this support beam from the ceiling).

I went ahead and attached a picture of the mounting holds on my projector.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Projector Bottom.JPG 2237k .JPG file
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Help anyone?
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I use a cheap universal mount from Monoprice for my HD33 but if do-it-yourself is okay check out the Monkeyman mount thread (you'll need to do a search).
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Don't go cheap on ceiling mounts.
For ceiling mounts, you will most likely need a extension pole to get a 1-2 foot drop, which most mounts support.
You also want to make sure you mount to a ceiling joist/stud, not drywall itself.

Select your projector manufacture & model in the links below.



*Once you locate the part/model numbers, you can find them relativiely cheap on amazon or other sites.
The AVS store also carries some of these mounts.

This makes a good rear wall mount shelf for a projector.
Just make sure it's bit enough for your projector.

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I can vouch for the build quality of the sliding/tilting model on this page at Monoprice. It's made very well and could be a good choice if you need to get your projector away from the wall a fair distance. Wall Mounts at Monoprice

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Great! Thanks for the input, fellas. I'll continue researching with these links. I'll let you know what I ended up deciding on!
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