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Hey all. I'm building a new house. My main goals for automation are:
- Security
- AV Distribution

Obviously things like lighting controls and temperature are nice, and since they seem to be way cheaper then the AV distribution will be things I will likely add, but my priority is around those two things.

I found a local dealer around here and he gave me a price to wire the whole house (3 story, 2200 sq ft finished) and it was 2800. Only 950 of it was labor he seemed to just crush me with the pricing for wiring. I was planning on getting his price then seeing if its worth it to DIY it. I think I will end up doing this myself, as I'm fairly technical and I think I can handle it. I have no idea what system I want to use, the dealer that I went to uses Control 4. His own setup was very slow and it is also very closed so I am not really interested.

So I guess my questions are, for a low budget system which prioritizes AV/Security/Openness, what should I use? Are the wiring requirements basically the same?

Lastly, where do you all buy your wire from? I was able to find most of it on but couldnt find the speaker/cat5e siamese wire