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2 SVS 12 Plus or 1 SVS PB13 Ultra

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Anyone that may have any advice, I would appreciate it.

I just sold a home and had to leave my theater as a part of the deal which had one SVS 13 ultra sub. It was awesome to say the least. Sub was purchased 4 or 5 years ago and had the old driver. The room was 13 by 25 feet long.

My new theater is a lot deeper. It is 14 by 40 or so. Currently being built out. Im going with Klipsch rf82, and the complimenting speakers but going with svs again for the sub. Ive been told I need to do two now. So I was hoping someone could give me some advice on what sub or dual subs to go with. I can do two 12 pluses or one 13. Possibly could do two 13's but would that be too much?

My old SVS 13 ultra would rattle the walls and actually broke a few glasses off of the adjacent rooms bar. I dont really want to hurt the new homes structure but want a great bass feeling in a much longer room.

Any advice would be appreciated as I am so torn over this one. Ive never dealt with two subs and people tell me to move them opposite sides of the room front and back. SVS told me to put them both upfront, etc.

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14 x 40 ??? how high is the room. That's a giant room and a single Sub will definitely not sounds as powerful as your old room.

I don't have personal experience with the Ultra but I also have a very large basement room. 7k ft^3. I own Dual HSU 15H subwoofers.
I tried one sub for testing purposes and then the Duals and there is no contesting that a Dual system will almost always be superior to a single system. Especially if we are talking about 2xPB12 + vs 1x PB 13 Ultra

If you told me "2 BIC F12 or 1 Ultra" I'd go with the Ultra, but the PB12s are incredible on their own. Definitely go with a dual system with a room that enormous.

And don't worry about the location of the subs right now, unless you are restricted to positioning. Every room is different. You will have to find out where the subs sound the best.

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Thanks Ray. The room height is 9 feet tall and then the tray around the room is about 10 feet tall. Its a perfect rectangle and very long. Great advice. Ill go with the two PB12Plus I think.
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