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AV Receivers w/ 1080P upscaling capability

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Hi Guys,

I appreciate your assistance in advance. Clearly this is a tremendous pool of knowledge and after struggling to research on my own, I have come for your help.

So my current setup is a Epson 8350 Projector, a DirecTV HD23 DVR, a BluRay Player, and an Xbox. I do not have speakers yet.

I am in need of an AV Receiver because my dumb Directv DVR outputs HD signals at 1080i, which then causes sparkles on my Projector. I have tested this through using the same HDMI cable as on my BluRay player, which played flawlessly. Hence, the 1080i signal is the problem.

After taking stroll through bestbuy, I bought a Sony DH830 AV Receiver at the sales representative;s recommendation that it would fix my sparkling issue.

It did (got rid of the sparkles), but the problem is that the picture coming through DirecTV (upscaled throughy my DH830) is still not as crisp and clear as I would like. While it is clearly HD, it is a visually noticeable difference to my BluRay picture. I have now learned that the video upscaling provided through the DH830 Receiver is 1080i upscaling, not 1080P.

I was wondering if you guys would be able to recommend to an AV Receiver that provides good quality 1080P upscaling. I am not a 3D user, nor am I an audiophile, nor do I need networking features. Those are bonuses as far as I'm concerned. I just want an AV receiver that will take at least 3 HD inputs, and do a good job of upscaling an 1080i signal to 1080P smoothly without any complications. My budget is 500.

I have heard that some 1080P scaling receivers will only upscale analog images, and won't upscale if the original signal is 1080i in the first place, which has made my search more difficult and confusing. I would very appreciate any insights, advice, and recommendations you guys can provide to me on this matter.

Thanks again in advance!!!

PS> I posted here because the subject is receivers. Clearly this has to do more with the video side of receivers so if I need to be redirected to another forum, please let me know. Thanks again!
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When using an AVR to upscale video, it generally won't be near as crisp as a true 1080p signal from a BDP. If video quality is that important, consider using a dedicated video processor (eg. DVDO Edge). Have you tried simply setting the DTV to 720p w/o the Sony?
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I understand it wont be as crisp as from a BDP. But I'm still trying to get it better than its 1080i native. I don't want to spend $799 on an edge - in addition to a a/v receiver.

I have set the TV to 720P without the Sony and it still sparkled.
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More often than not, "white sparkles" is indicative of a defective cable. Before the Sony arrived what was each source device connected to .... an HDMI switch? Also if you're seated > 8' from the screen, it's unlikely you'd notice any difference between 1080i and 1080p from the DTV.
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No, to make certain that the cord was the culprit, I directly switched the cord over from the cable box to the bluray player.
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Doesn't matter .. could still be the cable. What about the cable from the HDMI switch to the PJ? What's it's length? Have you tried replacing it?
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I do not use a switch.

I'm using a same cable between the DirecTV box and the BluRay player. I just switch the output side over from either box depending on which one I want to use. In that case, doesn't that show that the cable is fine?
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Nope ... as each device puts out the signal at a different signal strength. What's the length of the HDMI cable? If > 20' you may find adding an HDMI extender resolves your issue.
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