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Alright AVS forums, heres the question of the hour... There is a big optoma sale at amazon right now FYI

What should I purchase for my large room if my budget is under 700 dollars and ceiling mounting is out of the question? Im looking at the HD20, HD66, and GT750. I live in a huge room in my house (think 30 person house off campus, with most of the third floor as one room). Heres what i've whittled it down to.

HD20: 1080p, huge throw distance, highest picture quality
HD66: 720p, medium throw distance, great quality, brighter than the hd20
GT750: Super short throw (like 6 feet throw makes a 10 foot image), 720p, and also most expensive.

Should I get the HD66 for 440 and spend the savings on a soundbar and some quality screen material? There will be two small windows at either end of the room. It's a very long, probably 30x12 room. Four people live in it, so my options for ways to point the projector ar elimited
tl;dr budget is 700, what should I do?