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Measuring party part Deux, 4 drivers(3-18s, 1-21) 2 enclosures.

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I'm setting up now to take measurements of the more recent chapters of builds.

Drivers. RCF LF21N451, FaitalPRO 18HP1060, FaitalPRO 18FH510, Sundown Zv3 18:

Enclosures. WiSub fits a 21 and 18, and the new 18s I have yet to name:

Here we go!
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Standard measuring setup I have used before:

PreSonus Firebox

Graph parameters:

1db step 20-90hz, log view
Waterfall 5db step 15-200hz, log view

RCF 21 in WiSub:

18FH510 in WiSub:

18HP1060 in WiSub:

All 3 drivers in the WiSub:

Zv3 18 in new 18:

18FH510 in new 18:

Best for last, 18HP1060 in new 18:

All 3 drivers in the new 18:

Edited by WiSounds - 8/14/12 at 3:19pm
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Yeeeaaahhhh boy! smile.gif
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18HP1060 likes it's new home, and likes the WiSub too.
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I think you found your new '20hz for gigs' machine(s). biggrin.gif Great work!
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Great measurements. Now, distortion/power compression sweeps? New REW beta version will do distortion off of a sweep, IIRC.

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those waterfalls are interesting.
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Looks like the Faital 18HP1060 in the WiSub is a winner... especially once you get a bit of heat in that coil.... the slight dip in response will fill in some. Try simulating in WinISD, and add around 100C to the driver VC temp.
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Good job. Change all of your graph scales to logarithmic though. They are stretched out as is and it makes things look weird and really flat.

The Faital may have the best response and great sensitivity but I'm willing to bet that the ZV3 has far greater headroom available 20-50Hz. Probably 6 to 10 dB greater if you have enough power.
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I switched the view to log in REW. I'll regenerate to graphs and make them a bit larger this time around.

I have to build to suit the unpredictable mains I have available, I'm tryign to squeeze as much output out of a 20a circuit as possible. I can run 4 of the Faital cabinets off of one KLR3200, and I have been able to run both 3200s off of a 20a circuit so far. At the 800w each driver is getting, the Z and 1060 model similar for output, but the Faital response is better. Not to mention the 1060 is 1/3 the weight. 8 of them is going to be pretty fierce.

If i ever get to where I have a generator, or 220v lines and have alot more mains behind me I would jump to KLR5000 and use the Zv3. I don't have to rebuild the cabinets, just reload them. That is a pretty nice upgrade path. If I ever get contracted for a permanent install, the Z will go in for sure.
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Uploaded new graphs. Response graphs are log view, 1db step and 15-90hz.

Waterfalls are also now log view.

The images are high res, so you can actually read them.
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Your SD Zv318 ..... 65 Million Years Ago!!!


Would have no trouble fitting in. biggrin.giftongue.gifwink.gif
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