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New House with odd room

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So here is my issue... we just bought a new house and the living room is very "odd"... its a room with 20ft high ceilings, and is open to the kitchen area, so over all its about 25ft wide, and 35 ft long. My issue is trying to figure out the best "speakers" to accomplish the job. I currently have Klipsch Synergy SLX LCR as my fronts, Klipsch KV-4 the center, and KSF-S5 for the rear, and a 10" sub. I am running it all off of a Yamaha RXV573BL. So I am wonding because of the "awkardness" of the room, what I should go for as far as speakers. I have between 1-2K to play with right now.

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Thats quite a bit of space to fill smile.gif. Would your wife approve of large towers ??
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yeah, she will, she has to compromise with me since she took the room i was going to make a media room, and made it her office, lol.
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Anybody's help? cool.gif
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Really depends on seating arrangement, and how much power you plan on pushing out to those speakers. You will not know what problems you have in the listening area until you set up the system.
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I have a very similar setup as yours at my house. The ceiling height and length are about the same, the width a bit smaller. I recommend setting up what you have and listening to it before making any decisions. That way you can see where your deficient, if at all, and spend your money wisely. However, based on my experience you will need a potent sub to push that much air (large room volume). I had a small 8" sub prior to upgrading and it barely did anything in my space. It was actually bottoming out before even making a moderate impact. Try your 10" sub and see what it sounds like but plan on upgrading that unless it is a very powerful sub. Especially if you want room shaking bass for movies.
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thanks all!
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