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Guys, this Blu-ray is serioulsy dark. I watched it in 3D yesterday (HD8300, 70hrs on lamp), and it was almost unbearable. Brighness was much much better in cinema. Even daylight scenes - they are better - but still not as bright as one would expect form daylight scene.

Ok, I thought maybe its just my projector, but then I played again some other my 3D movies (Tron, Despicable Me, StepUp, Guardians) - they are ok.
Well I still wasnt sure until I found this thread: if people complain even about 2D brightness - then something is definitelly wrong.

And by the way, I've also noticed that the same scenes played in the menu were bright enoght.
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The film itself if amazing. The most amazing in it is characters. And I liked how "lets-make-serious-drama" approach is working in this, very convincing. The creators managed to hold the proper balance between "kids fairy tale" and "dark drama", and I really impressed by that. You never forget that you're watching a fairy tale, and the characters act like they are in "Silence of the lambs", or "Rocky" and yet it doesn't look silly or pertending or overacted.

I think it is much better than "TDKR" - which is unbelieveably cheesy.
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Originally Posted by batutta View Post

I never saw this in theaters, but I also thought it looked incredibly flat and lacking in contrast. Ended up boosting gamma and contrast on my projector to compensate, after which it looked great...As for the movie, I thought it was re-heated leftovers, pointless and forgettable.

I remember it being very dark when I saw it in the theatres. I saw the 2d version.

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Ok, I just made screenshots from both the menu and the film for direct comparison. The BD is almost painfully dark.

I must note, the color range of all these pictures is not original Blu-Ray 16-235, it was expaneded by my videoplayer to 0-255 PC levels, as I was playing the videos on my PC monitor. I realized it too late, but its not important, the point is the comparison of two videos. Well it looks closer to what we see while playing on PJ/TV:
First is the film screenshot, second is from the menu.

Still not convinced? Maybe the menu is overbright?
Ok, now look at the next picture: the lamp light is definitely supposed to be near max-bright!
I've added a circle in Paint with color 255,255,255.

And the lamp color is.... 162,152,150.

Why go far? It's screeaming "I'm so very dark" from the first seconds:

Here is "Moneyball" opening for comparison:

I examined the levels in the pictures (original ones) and found that instead of 16-235 color range it had only about 16-190. Max brightness never goes above 190. So I don't know how or why, but this BD is seriously messed up, which is a pity considering how good the film is. And the worst thing that it was made for 3D viewing, where having maximum brighness is extremely important! I hope we will see corrected re-release.
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The 3D was trash on this movie anyway, but it's still a very fun film to watch in 2D despite it being a little on the dark side.
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The 3D was far from trash, theatrically.

It had depth, as opposed to silly **** flying out of the screen, at every opportunity.
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