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Vintage Modern 1979 Hi-Fi

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After about 13 years of not having a hi-fi setup, I was able to scrounge some funds together to put one in my mancave now that the kids are out of the house. Found some infinity Qb speakers on Craigslist for $68. A little rough on the cabinets but the drivers are in good shape. I would say htey are 1977-1979 vintage. Next I won a Realistic STA-2000D receiver off ebay for $99 + $40 shipping. Near mint 9/10 condition. Source is my desktop PC with a SIIG 96/24 soundcard and monoprice cables. Sounds incredible! Most of my music is 320K mp3. Since I had an iPod and iTunes I never got into FLAC.

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If you really want get into vintage audio, get a turntable of the same age - mid to late 1970s. Just get a NEW cartridge. That is when you will be all equipped.
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I only have a handfull of LP's left. Sold off most of them years ago. Hardly have any CD's either. I may get a CD player at some point. Would like a cassette too, but I don't have any left of those either. Everything moved to computer years ago......
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Vintage Gear.. very nice! Receiver looks to be in good shape.
+1 on the tt idea. Lots of old albums around.
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I bought a Yamaha A-1000, circa 1985 and I absolutely love it.! I have put time and money into it but it is fantastic! The older receivers had good/great phono preamps built in! Listening to LPs is an absolute joy, as is all other music!
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