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a few question regarding my PJ

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Ok so i have a seleco 500+

all the tube have 4000hrs on them. I bought it off a guy a kijiji who had it set from what can tell form the memory banks and form what i remember when i saw his screen when i bought it in 4:3 had the raster well set and used almost all of the tube face.

I am thinking of switch the aspect ratio to 16:9 how ever i and worried how this will effect the tubes over the rest of there life? also how does running the pj in 4:3 but only displaying 16:9 content compare to contare to anamorphic 16:9 in terms of burn in? In other word is the part of the raster where there is black get worn evenly with the rest of the surfis

another question, i have seen people say that it is bad to run a CRT at its highest contrast, that it over drive the tubes. what does that mean? what is the highest level that is expectable it is ok to have the contrast all the way up if the brightness is all the way down?

Ok last question when focusIng my projector I notices that the blue tube could not be focus at well as the other tubes in my Pj, from what i have read the blue tube is the one that seems to degrade the fastest, is that why it is more out of focus? I have only tried to mechanically focus this PJ i have not played with focus pots yet, In the manual for this PJ i says not to tamper with them that they are set properly at the factory, is there any risk in messing with the focus pots. Also the pot seem the be all covered with glue i assume this was done my seleco however i dont know.

any help would be great appreciated, thanks
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At this point it doesn't really matter. First off, running in anamorphic mode will give you more resolution, and neither method will wear the tubes more, since tube wear depends on the amount of phosphor you're using and how hard you're running the contrast. So either way you're using a 16:9 area, so the tubes will wear equally fast whatever way you project the 16:9 image.

Second, no offense, but the Selecos were poorly made compared to other sets, and very few were sold in Canada. I have had three through here in the approx 5000 sets I've had in, and I parted all of them out, as I couldn't trust the build quality to last. Two of the three had blown up power supplies with smoked boards and parts, so all I got out of them were the tubes, and threw the rest out.

So considering that you (or the previous owner) got 4000 hours out of it so far, I'd say you're on borrowed time. smile.gif So run it as lightly or as hard as you want.

Assuming that they are the focus pots and not the G2/master brightness controls, sure, unstick the pots and tweak them, as at 4000 hours they most likely will need a bit of tweaking. Tweak one pot very slowly. If the focus doesn't change, put it back exactly where it was, and reseal it.

The blue tube does wear first. Not sure why, it's been debated here in the past with no one really solid answer as to why.

Run it for as long as it stays alive. Who knows, maybe you have one that will outlast the others, but don't spend any money on it if it dies.. There's higher end sets out there for dirt cheap or free..
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thank you for the quick response, I will run it in 16:9. I really hope that it doesnt die to soon though i have come to really like this pj. it is very small for a crt. Well i will continue checking kijiji everyday smile.gif

any advice on good reliable models or other places to look for crts?

there is someone in my area that is selling a barco 808 but he wants $600 frown.gif way out of my budget as a student

well thank again
- dan
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