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Plasma vs LED for gaming question

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I am planning on buying this led hdtv

It says it has a 6.5ms response time. I am a bit concerned about this, since i will be using it mostly for gaming. Is 6.5 acceptable? I heard 5 and lower is the optimal time. It also has gaming mode, this decreases the lag from 6.5 ms, correct? but by how much?

EDIT: i just read that response time has nothing to do with input lag... but how can i determine how much input lag it has? or should i just not worry about it and let game mode do its job?

also, i heard plasma tvs have a lower input lag than lcds, true? i was thinking about buying a plasma 42 inch, but all are only 720p, im looking for a 1080p.

also, what is this 120hz thing?
compared to plasmas 600hz?

any answers would be appreciated, i have spent hours researching for the best tv and i still cant make up my mind between plasma or led and the input lag thing is worrying me.
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6.5 ms is nothing. To put that into perspective a blink is 50x slower. It takes the human eye 15 ms to focus. All that being said response time is kind of like contrast ratios. There is no standard so everyone measures it in their own way. So it's basically useless. 120 Hz is the refresh rate. Won't mean much in gaming since most games play at 30 or 60 frames per second. For watching things like sports and other thing with fast motion is can improve the picture than a60 Hz TV. The 600 Hz rate on Plasmas is a pretty meaningless spec.
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Originally Posted by steve37600 View Post

. . . i still cant make up my mind between plasma or led.....

If you're going to be playing a lot of games, you should be aware that plasma is much more subject to burn-in than LCD.
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Please keep topic titles specific. "HDTV Questions" is what this section is all about, so it's a little redundant as a thread title. The more information you can put in the title, the faster you'll get a response. I've edited the title so you'll have an idea what we're looking for.

That said, this may belong in the area for displays, not here. Just a matter of deciding which section will give you the best answers.
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1. It's a "LCD" TV, not LED,
2. This should be moved to the Flat Panel sub-forum.
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Well first off, 6.5ms is horrible for gaming. I have had at least ten tv's over the last few years. I have had LG 120hz 47 inch lcd, Samsung 55 inch led lcd 120hz 3d, hp 37 inch, proscan 32 ( for my daughter), Toshiba 240hz 47 inch, phillips 47 120hz inch lcd, etc.. Also have a 51" inch Samsung Plasma 3D 600hz. The Phillips had a 2ms response time and blew every TV I had out the water as far as smooth motion and gaming. Second I would put the LG, third the Toshiba, which both had around a 5ms response time. Now the plasma...it craps all over all those TV's for fast motion and gaming. LCD and LED's ( which are still LCD just LED lit) pass a light through a liquid crystal which twists accordingly to display a pixel in a picture. This takes at least 2ms. A plasma sends electricity through a gas an instantly displays a color pixel. Plasma's have response time of .0001ms. this totally illiminates motion blur. Couple that with a 600hz refresh rate and plasmas are super smooth for fast moving movies and gaming. Also all these TV's that say 240 hz or 480hz that are led are not true. A 240 hz is really a 120 hz with backlight scanning, and a 480 hz is really a 240hz with backlight scanning. This creates the illusion of 480hz but is a minupulated # and not a true 480hz. LED's that are true 240hz can only display about 800 lines of resolution for 3d. A plasma has the speed to display a full 1080 lines of 3d resolution. Plasmas also have deeper blacks and better colors depth as well as a deeper depth perception which makes movies, games and especially 3d images seem more 3d. LED's do have an advantage in brightness, but its not much. LED's use a little less power, but your talking a couple dollars per year!! Now the BURN IN: This was a problem like 10 years ago when they first came out. Now it is almost impossible to burn in a screen, especially if you buy a good brand. Is it possible? Yes, but it is possible to burn in an LCD or LED or CRT. New Plasma's use pixel shifting and a better phosphorus gas to prevent these things. There is more of a risk with the cheaper manufacturers of Plasma's. Google Samsung wins C-net's accidental burn in test, or HD Guru fails to burn in plasma. So bottom line a Plasma will out perform and LCD or LED any day place or time. Once LED's have true refresh rates over 800hz they will complete with Plasma's, but this will be very hard since no matter what it is still Liquid crystals which take time to shift!!
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Yes, but it is possible to burn in an LCD or LED or CRT, bet you didnt know that!!

Plasma and CRTs both use phosphors ...the fact is phosphors fade.

bet you didn't know that current 'LED' displays are actually LCD's.
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Condescending remarks removed.
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LCD and LCD/LED will wear out over time as the rear panel light source dims, changes color
and finally fades away....which can be 5-10 years in an LCD and dozens of years in an LCD/LED,
depending on how often you use it.

Modern Plasmas reportedly have maybe a 10-year life time, depending on how often you use it.
BUT, even the recent models WILL suffer from image burn-in if the same image is displayed
for long periods of time.....such as non-changing portions around the edges of a computer game.
But if you aren't addicted to the same video game for weeks at a time, these pixels should age
at a rate closer to the overall screen....so try to mix it up. BTW: If you watch a LOT of 4:3 low
rez video, the black pillars on the sides of the screen will age at a slower rate than the inner,
lit portion of the screen....unless you're addicted to a particular old 4:3 game or watch a LOT
of old 4:3 movies on TCM, this shouldn't be a problem anymore. Ditto if you primarily watch
super wide angle movies with black bars on top and bottom of the screen.
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to respond to your comment. If you read my whole post I stated the 55 inch Samsung was a LED LCD. I think both platforms have there benefits and downfalls. It all comes down to preference and what you will be using the set most for.
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I have a Samsung 52 inch LCD Tv. Lately I have noticed distinst color fade. But the Tv is only a couple years old but we use it a lot and is our main Tv for gaming and shows. Is the rear panel light a repairable item or should I buy a new Tv? If so I am going with the plasma, all the reasearch I have seen still has plasma as the best picture. It seems that LED has a lot of advantages, but watching sporting events and gaming plasma has them all beat, right? I appreciate any help.
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Both Plasma's and LCD's both fade over time. LED LCD are a little brighter but as soon as one led goes out it will leave a black dot in that spot. I have several LCD's, one LED and a plasma. I prefer the picture of Plasma over all of them. One thing I will say that the LED has the advantage on is the brightness and vibrance of colors, but the plasmas his richer deeper colors. I still think over all the plasma is way better especially for gaming, 3D depth, and fast moving scenes. If your going to buy a plasma I would definitely recommend buying a good brand, I would say Samsung or LG, I prefer Samsung. If you decide to go with a non-name brand I would recommend staying with an LCD.
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The thing is plasmas look better for gaming and newer plasma do still burn in buy what people don't realize is that you pretty much have to try to burn it in now a days so you would have to leave the same picture on for at least 12 hours and who does that? So I would go for a plasma better picture better colors no input lag and cheaper you can get the samsung pn51e550 for 600 bucks and that's a great tv I have the samsung pn51e7000 and its amazing its 997.99 on amazon.
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