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Vizio E472VLE Netflix app audio out of sync

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Just got an E472VLE from Costco this past Sunday. Built-in VIA Netflix app worked great the first day. Now the audio is out of sync. The TV has a "Lip Sync" setting to adjust for this, but the sync delay changes at times. Pausing and restarting doesn't help.

I don't have an audio sync issue on my HD Comcast/Xfinity cable box. I also never had this problem with Netflix on the Wii or my laptop. So I think there's a problem with Vizio's app. Their chat support was not very helpful, and he said he'd not heard of this problem.

I would be grateful for any suggestions. The picture on this TV is great, the sound is OK, and I really don't want to return it. But I watch a lot of Netflix, and the sync problem drives me nuts. mad.gif
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i just returned that tv. my lip sync was off a bit too but the biggest problem i had with that tv, was spots and streaks in the pic. the streaks were very noticeable when the pic panned across the sky or walls. i could even seem them on close ups of peoples faces, if they moved around a little. tho they were very faint, once i spotted them, i picked up on them a lot

also, when i loaded up the Netflix app, when the Netflix logo comes up and the screen is full of red, i could see streaks or blotches in the pic

if i were you, id look into that problem very carefully too. you dont want to be stuck with a tv that does that. luckily, Costco gives us 90 days to return TVs.

im about to return my 3rd tv in 3 months. all 3 had light streaks or spots on the screen. 2 were LCDs, made by JVC and Vizio. the 3rd is a Samsung backlit LED

good luck.
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So you had sync problems with the Netflix app or with other media too?

One disconcerting thing I've noticed is that there do not appear to be any official support forums for either Vizio OR Netflix. That's why I came here.
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a little bit. adjusting the Lip Sync on the TV or my Panasonic BluRay player (DMP-BDT220) didnt seem to do a whole lot tho.
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Netflix issues are typically associated with either your internet connection, or more likely, the Netflix server closest to you running at capacity. However, that usually results in a brief black screen or buffering issues. Vizio apps are notoriously problematic, even after updates. The only "official" support that you will find is probably here on the various AVS forums. All tv's have issues but Vizio's seem to be reported about the most.
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