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I have recently ordered the YSP-2200 (LINK - I was reading the following article and found this remark:
Tilting up the sub box also helped make the lower-midrange sound more unified, since the bass box contributes plenty of sound well above 100 Hz. And while the YSP-2200 sub produces satisfactory bass extension for casual home theater and music playback, its extension is modest, falling off rapidly below, at a guess, 50 Hz.

Since I just had to know, I ran a quick frequency-response sweep on the YSP-2200’s sub output and found that it crossed over at 400 Hz and was high-passed below about 50 Hz, no doubt to protect the little woofers. It also produced about 10 watts maximum to the sub. For a lark, I tried piggybacking a 12-inch active sub, set for very low low-pass, to span the missing octave-plus with great effect. I’d recommend this adaptation to anyone planning a “serious” YSP-2200-based system.),1

I have an Athena AS-P400 (link: from a previous set up. Previously, I had only connected the sub via the "sub out" connection on my receiver. Is there some other way to connect this sub to the YSP-2200? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!