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Paranorman (From the makers of Coraline)

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This thread is reserved for discussion of the movie, opening tomorrow in the US.

Mexico 3 August 2012
Iceland 15 August 2012
Netherlands 15 August 2012
Hong Kong 16 August 2012
Canada 17 August 2012
Colombia 17 August 2012
Taiwan 17 August 2012
USA 17 August 2012
Vietnam 17 August 2012
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France 22 August 2012
Germany 23 August 2012
Russia 23 August 2012
Spain 24 August 2012
Chile 30 August 2012
Singapore 30 August 2012
Slovenia 30 August 2012
Romania 31 August 2012
Brazil 7 September 2012
Estonia 7 September 2012
Finland 7 September 2012
Czech Republic 13 September 2012
Greece 13 September 2012
Portugal 13 September 2012
Ireland 14 September 2012
Norway 14 September 2012
UK 14 September 2012
Denmark 20 September 2012
Sweden 21 September 2012
Lithuania 28 September 2012
Italy 11 October 2012
Turkey 19 October 2012
Argentina 1 November 2012
Australia 10 January 2013
New Zealand 17 January 2013
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Good reviews for the movie. Today is my birthday and I'll be seeing this sometime this weekend.
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So I saw the midnight show of this on Thursday. Laika did a great job with this movie. For horror lovers it has so much to offer and the 3d is as good as it gets with great 3d models and wonderful depth to the image. I brought my 4 year old and I consider this her first horror movie. Where Laika really did a great job is with the human factor, you genuinely cared about the characters and I won't spoil it, but when you find out about the stupid buff character you are going to laugh your ass off unless you happen to be a Christian Republican. What are you waiting for? Go see it. I For those with Passive 3d televisions like myself you also get a nice pair of collector glasses if you see it at a Real D certified theater.
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Saw "ParaNormaN" las t night and really liked it. It's some of the best "stop motion" animation ever. It's also one of those pictures that's has something for adults and kids. I liked it a lot more than Coraline. This film will be a Halloween favorite from now on! It was created in 3D and the effects are really well done. It even has well done 3D credits at the end. Well worth seeing on the big screen in 3D. Can't wait to order the bluray version to enjoy at home on my Samsung. I highly suggest you check this out as it's funny and has great use of 3D. Who would have thought .......a family zombie movie.

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I still need to see this one!
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Loved Coraline. This sounds great!
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