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I have 2 feet to 3 feet distance in the back from sofas to wall. I already built 17x17x24 bass traps for 4 cornets and one front wall side on the floor from side wall to side wall.

I want to built around 13 feet long bass traps for the back wall. For 2 feet or 2 1/2 feet deep, is it recommended to use 17x17x24 OC 703 ? Home depot is selling 24x48x 9 1/2 inch R30 material. Do you think this R30 will help better than OC 703 for 2 1/2 feet space? Do I need to put 24 inch side as deep and 9 1/2 as high?

Home depot is also selling 9 1/2 x30x 25 feet rolls. Is it recommended this roll?

Is there any construction thread on building floor bass traps using R30? I still have lot of OC 703. Otherwise, I can use OC 703 as well. I am little confused if it is worth to use low GFR like R30 or OC 703 to fill 2 1/2 feet deep space from back wall to sofas.