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Sony G70 blue tube too bright

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Can any one help me with my Sony G70 the blue tube is too bright with or without ABG, I was wathching a movie all in a sudden seem like blue tube is blinking and then five minutes later the blue tube became so bright so i shut it down and turn it back on with ABG on and the picture is almost blue all over the screen, please tell me where can i look for problem is it in the crt neck board or other circuits board.

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most likely neck-board. Swap with Red and see if problem follows
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I did swap the neck board from blue to red and red to blue, but the too bright of the blue tube still persist, which board should i check next?

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I think the PA board is the next "most-likely" problem. Check with Curt Palme

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When i turn off the ABG the blue tube brightness is reduce and on the gain set up i only put it around 140 but normally for 6500K it would be factory adjust to 255 or MAX, I saw some thread in Curt Palme site that mention about RGBHV input board that cause the problem, but i don't have another board to try but i did try the composite video input and the blue is still too bright though. Any suggestion on this problem are welcome.

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not sure what your looking for in terms of "suggestions"? you have 2 options.

1) find another G70 and swap over boards until the defective module is located

2) send your boards like the PA, RGB, and maybe a few others to someone to have them tested in a working chassis and repaired. the only person I know who does is is Curt.

Since Curt is not replying I'm guessing he's already explained this to you. There is nothing a normal person who is not a technician can do to repair these machines outside of the 2 options mentioned above.

I parted out a few G70's and if I had some I could sell you some of the boards to try out. However I don't have any right now
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A long time ago I had a similar issue.

Check the connections to the C Block (neck board) and either G or F board. pay attention to the the heavy HV cables. Oh, and don't switch the polarity.

Factory setup usually has green set to MAX (255). The 12XX PJ used to set Blue to MAX.

IMO and experience ABG on.
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