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ST50 vs GT50, is the GT50 worth it?

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So just returned from Afghanistan, and looking to get a home theater system. I want the VT50 but that is a little out of my price range. I was going with the Samsung Es7100 LED....however after reading up on plasma, it seems they get a better picture quality. The room I am putting it in is a loft area of the house and I can pull the shades to keep sunlight out. I do have 2 sky lights, but they shine down perpendicular to the TV and actually don't shine on the loft.

I have narrowed it down to either the Panasonic 55 Inch ST50 or GT50, but not entirely sure if the GT50 is worth the extra money....I mainly am going to be watching TV and Movies and plan on getting speakers for the TV. I do play some video games but not religiously, but still would like them to look good.

I guess the question is ST50 or GT50. is the GT50 worth the difference in price. Will I be happy with just the ST50?

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The GT will give you THX Bright Room and THX Cinema settings. That will give you a brighter mode and a darker one for night. The VT also has THX modes as well as a much better screen filter to improve the picture during the day. If it means anything, I was set on getting the GT until I realized just how much better the VT looks in a bright setting. I am just going to save a little longer to get the VT. You could always get the GT and see if it looks good enough to you in your room. If it seems a little "flat" you could try the VT to see if it's any better for you.

Good luck, either one you go with will definitely be better than a LCD!smile.gif
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Take a look through these threads. They will be helpful.






etc, etc...

FWIW, The panels and driving electronics are basically the same. The GT has THX certification, which could be worthwhile if you don't plan on having it professionally calibrated. The filters applied to the screens do alter somewhat how each handles room light. If you have a particularly challenging room and you watch a lot in the day time, then the GT may be somewhat, incrementally better in handling the bright light.

Good luck.

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