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I was sitting in my office today and I was looking at one of my retired computers that I streamed the station through and I thought "let's give it one more job" so I installed it in one of my racks connected a Sangean HDT-1 HD Radio to it and I'm feeding my HD-4

so for a little while maybe a week, you can hear my actual HD off-air feed, remember this is HD-4 and it is HD encoded for 24kbps

I'm streaming using winamp's shoutcast so it will connect easly to that and VNC, and I'm sure a few others

Again, This is my HD-4, so be gentle with the remarks smile.gif
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Audio sounds good - artifacts are not as obnoxious as on other streams, and the processing is aggressive enough to match the music. Would add a touch of reverb, but that's just my personal preference in general.

PS - the "Q In The City" automation seems screwey...just played the same song twice (S.O.S Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right)).

Good job on keeping all the HD channels on the air!
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Stereo seperation is good. Is the processing used the same as Freeform BCN on CBS owned WZLX-HD3 in Boston? Shocked you can get stereo that does sound half decent on only 24 kbps.
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