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RTL Editor test

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This is a test of using the RTL editor.




Well, it shows some promise.


I will try it for some real posts.


It appears that if you create a post with the RTL editor you cannot go back to the BB editor.



"This is Rich Format content so you've been switched to the Rich Editor."


If you quote your RTL post you can get the BB code back and others are not forced to use RTL when they quote you.


The deal breaker may be unable to copy a not quite ready post to my wordprocessor for spell checking and more editing with larger text, both the BB and RTL editors. See next post.


The pictures are lost.


If you wish to add your tests to this post, please do.


I and others would be interested in what can be done.


A deleted post has suggested that I made an incorrect statement. eek.gif



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CoCoDskUtil is the work of Luis Fernandez:



Making CoCoDskUtilPack V x.x.x.zip


My personal blog:

Excuse my English, I use google translator, my language is Spanish, I'm Spanish but I live in Venezuela


Pasted from Lotus WordPro html edit, truncated but worked.



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