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Need A Sub recomendation please.

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I am stuck deciding between a few budget subwoofers, my budget is around 300 and its a toos up between an energy s10.3, jamo 650, outlaw M8 and HSU STF-1. I have a smaller size room about 12X17 and am more concerned with having clean tight responsive bass you can feel than overall vloume.
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For music, a lot of people prefer the 10.3 out of the ones you listed. Not to confuse your issue farther, but I think you should also consider the Klpsch RW-12D which is on sale at newegg.com and possibly the Bic PL-200 (if it will be mostly for movies).
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Hey Kev2, I was in the same boat as you and researched the hell out of subs for about a month. I just ended up pulling the trigger on the klipsch rw-12d from newegg. It's on sale right now for $299.00 (no tax and free shipping). All around, this is supposedly the best value out of all of the budget subs. I received mine on Wednesday and so far I am very happy with its performance. I hope this helps and good luck.
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two types of feel

chest feel - at about 70hz
pant legs flapping forced grin feel - at about 20hz

If your goal is pant leg flapping feel I think you have to spend more than $300. If your goal is chest feel any of the listed choices will probably make you happy in your room.

The first time I ever felt a forced grin from LFE in a house based on subwoofer capability was at avsforum member Luke Kamp's with his HSU VTF-15H in a small 1500 cubic foot room. The HSU VTF-15H in my 3500 cubic foot room provided no tactile feedback to my sensory perceptions by comparison. The bigger your room the more subwoofer you need to get that low 20hz pant flapping, grin inducing effect.
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Thanks. Yeah the sub will be used pretty much for music only. Im just trying to find something decent that you can feel in your chest and has nice articulated bass instead of the usual booming that sounds sloppy and hurts your ears from cheap subs.
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Also does anyone have an input to sealed verse ported subs? I just really dont want to wind up with boomy bass.
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When you hear boomy base it is usually because of a combination of 2 factors 1)poor quality sub 2)the sub is playing much louder than it should be compared to the mains. The people who are most likely to buy a HTIB or similar low quality sub are the ones most likely to also turn it up way to loud. (I'm not saying that everyone who has a HTIB or an inexpensive sub does this, but this is where I most often hear it).

All things being equal, a sealed sub will usually offer faster transients because it has a back wave of pressure. A ported sub is easier to get louder because of the port output. This does not mean that all sealed subs will be more musical than all ported subs. Several companies offer designs that try to give you the best of both worlds, and a well designed ported sub will always sound better than a poorly designed sealed sub. Bottom line is, don't put too much stock in sealed or ported...audition in person when you can, and when you can't take the consensus of the forum about the strengths and weaknesses of any sub you are looking at.
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