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Denon 1612 vs HK 1565

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Looking for a receiver to power an old Polk 5.1 setup (RM7200). Will be used for mostly music, but also some casual gaming on PS3, and some movies. I was looking at things below $250, and I want to try something other than Onkyo, which I've used several times in the past. I've always wanted to try HK or Denon, so these were the two I narrowed it down to. On paper, they seem comparable and both have the features I would need which is 2-3 HDMI input, an optical input, and 5.1 channels. The HK is $240 on Newegg, Denon is $210 from Crutchfield. I've seen lots of good reviews for the Denon, but can't seem to find much for the HK, so what are the pros/cons of each that I should know about?
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smile.gif Sounds as if you are in the same boat as I was a week ago. I have always had Onkyo & Klipsch ( in which I still love) but as you mentioned wanted to try a differnt brand(s). I looked into the HK market as well as I have always liked the look of HK but then again never heard it in action. If you search enough you can find some good revies on the HK line its that you can find quite a bit more on the Dennons thou.

The HK uses some kind of "Logic 7 processing" as I know nothing about but I see the Dennon 1612 uses Audyssey MultEQ as I am used to that with my Onkyo. Just looking at the specs thou they seem to be playing on the same level of perfromance.

IMHO the Dennon looks more attractive ( on paper that is, not looks ) as it offers the Audyssey MultEQ, lower price and better GUI but then again thats my opinion.
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The Denon has Audyssey MultiEQ room calibration the HK doesn't have anything. You have to step up to the HK 1650 to get their EzSet/EQ which isn't as good as Audyssey.

Plus the fact that it cost less and has a better on screen display, I'd get the Denon.

I own HK and Denon receivers so I like both brands.
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