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Recently got married and finally got around to setting up the TV area. We've got her old system from a while ago, and my newer system from 2008. I'm curious which components are going to be better used and which are better just to sell or throw out. I know a lot of factors go into setting this stuff up and what not so I'm kind of looking for the best case scenario for what we have at the moment. I already know there are a few things that I'd like to replace I just have other priorities right now.


Denon AVR-3803 (No HDMI, not going to be used)
M&K LCR-750THX Front Speakers (x2)
Mirage Omnisat 1PB-1 (x4)
Mirage Omnisat CCB-1
Velodyne CT-80


Yamaha RX-V663 (Will replace eventually for something with more HDMI inputs)
Energy C-300
Energy C-50
Energy C-C50
Energy ESW-10

I think the Energy products are pretty much entry level (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) and I've liked them for what I've used them for (TV, games, etc). I'm pretty sure her speakers are higher quality, but I'm not sure how old they are and what advancements in technology there were in between when my Energy speakers came out.

I'd like to do a 7.1 setup and I was thinking of using the Omnisats for surround and rear channels. I'm not sure what to use for front or center channels, though. The Omnisat CC is likely a better center then the Energy C-C50. The Energy C-300s are towers, but we have the stands for the M&K 750s so that's somewhat of a moot difference. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think using the Energy ESW-10 will be better then using the smaller Velodyne.

Here's a basic layout of the room I'm working with. It's right inside the front door to the house. The thin black line isn't a wall or anything. Simply showing how the room is logically separated due to the staircase and pillars. The dimensions are correct, but the proportions of the drawing isn't so my apologies for that.

So who's got some input for best setting this room up?