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New subwoofer on a very tight budget for my PC gaming/HT rig

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So the subwoofer that I have been using since 2004 has finally died on me. Have been using this Creative GigaWorks S700 560 Watts 5.1 Speaker Came back after a week on vacation and the apartment smelled awful, later came to find that my sub was no longer working (found it odd that it died during a week with no use) Anyways, it's time for a new one.

Now I mainly use my setup for PC gaming but also watch the occasional blu-ray/dvd on it. I still use the old creative speakers (7 of them) on a SONY STR-DH520 7.1-Channel 3D A/V Receiver hooked up to the GeForce GTX560 Ti on my PC. I checked out the specs of my old sub and it said Subwoofer RMS Power: 210 Watts // Frequency Response: 25Hz - 40,000Hz. Now I am not very knowledgeable with specs of subwoofers and what a lot of new ones have to offer, but I am trying to stay around the $100 mark. How would something like this compare to my 8 year old sub (even though the old one seems to have more power). I am also willing to pay a bit more if you guys have a recommendation from this list on Amazon. I only say Amazon because I currently have free 2-day shipping and would like to get a new sub in ASAP because gaming/watching movie simply sucks without bass. Unless you had something in mind on another website that offers relatively fast shipping, but I figured Amazon would suffice since I don't feel like paying all that much anyways. Thanks in advance!

Edit 1: Also, I've noticed that a lot of newer subs have a L and R line in, but my receiver only has a single subwoofer output. Would I just buy a single RCA cord and use maybe the white/L input and connect it to my receiver that way? Until now, I had my subwoofer connected by using a 3.5mm to RCA splitter and just used the white RCA for my receiver's output.

Edit 2: Been looking at older threads... this is really stretching my budget, but if it is a LOT better than the main one I am considering, then I might go for it, opinions? BIC VENTURI V1020... there is also this one which has a better price+shipping cost (Amazon Prime eligible) Pinnacle Speakers SUB-SONIX 10-200 10-Inch
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Also, keep in mind that I just don't want to get something that is inferior to my old sub. If even the Polk Audio PSW10 is better than what I had then let me know and I will prob just go for that, but if you think I really need to spend an extra $50 to get something equivalent or "close to" then I am willing to do that. Or, if the extra $50 is going to get me something that is noticeable much better than what I had been using the past 8 years, then I might be willing to fork out the extra cash for that as well.
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So that sub doesnt power the speakers also right? Just making sure, you did say you have a receiver. This is my favorite budget sub, definitely worth it over the psw10

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It does not power the speakers. How does it compare to my old sub? The Pinnacle Speakers SUB-SONIX 10-200 10-Inch had more wattage, does that mean it's better than the Dayton? Also, how would I hook up a sub that has a Left and Right audio in when my receiver only has a single audio out for the sub. When I try looking for an RCA Y cable that is all I am able to find is 2 male RCA's to a 3.5mm miniplug adapter which would obviously not work.
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Anyone? :/
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You can plug the single rca out from your receiver into one of the rca inputs, or you can grab a cable like this


The wattage rating difference isnt a huge deal. The Dayton has a larger driver (more efficient) in a larger cabinet (more efficient), and is tuned lower. It is a more capable sub.
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