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Adi's little HT setup

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Hi guys,

Just a quick update with my almost complete ht system.

LCD TV Panasonic 42" full HD - will come up with exact model later on
Marantz AV Receiver SR 6004
Dune HD Smart D1 multimedia player
Spectral AV Stand
Canton Central Speaker GLE 405
Canton Stand-floor Speaker LE 109
Canton Subs AS 85 SC
Canton Surround Speakers GLE 403
Vogel's surround supports

Unfortunately the room space and size doesn't allow me to do more. I have already the wife complaining that i have transform the living-room into home cinema room. smile.gif On the next post i will add a pic with setup of Marantz mic with this speakers for my room. Sorry for pic not being best quality but i promise will come up with better one soon. Appreciation and critics are welcome. Thanks for looking! smile.gif

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Very nice setup you have there. Not many people own Canton's around here. How do you like them? I am thinking they are going to be my next speaker upgrade.
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Thanks for comment! Well, i like the sound of Canton and i have searched well until decision was made. I was looking at Paradigm as well, they look really nice and sounds very well but price is of course pretty high. For my little room around 20 sqm is a bit too much power and i cannot put the volume too high but the sound is clear and crisp. I like listening at low level with aggressive bass. For my type of music (eg. Trance) this is the perfect combination. I don't listen classical music so i choose my HT system accordingly. Marantz mic setup has set the subs to -18 level and 8 meters distance even there are only 3,5m away from the sofa.

Canton is doing a good job so far and they sell a lot in Europe and especially Germany. Users are very happy with them. Price could be expensive if you want to go for high end level but mine which i think they are considered entry-levels are very decent for my room size and sound experience. They are not even close to the new Canton models but is pretty hard to keep up with new releases.

Anyway meanwhile i have found out the TV model which is: Panasonic TX-L42S20E.

I will get back with Marantz's Audyssey mic setup.
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Hey Adi,

Setup looks great! I haven't had a chance to give Canton a listen, but I'm hearing good things about them. Have you tried spreading the front speakers out a bit to see if there is a difference in sound?
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