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My Xbox360

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I have an Xbox 360 and wanted to share how it is set up.


When the room is at about 72F the coolant temp is 84F compaired to a stock Xbox temp of 110F.even when playing Halo Reach.
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I always had a thing for LEDs and case mods. very nice.

here's a thread to see your fellow 360 owners' systems: http://www.avsforum.com/t/607834/so-post-your-360-screenshots-and-tv-u-r-using
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I didn't see that thread.

The computer power supply runs everything and is turned on and off by the Xbox power button. Most simply used a switch to turn the power supply on and off as the Xbox power turn on wire puts out a positive voltage to turn the xbox360 power supply on whereas the computer power supply turn on wire has to be grounded to turn it on. I used a transistor which when it sees the positive violtage on the turn on wire it grounds the power supply's turn on wire. Also others usually tie all three yellow wires to one yellow wire from the power supply and usually don't solder the conenction which makes for an unreliable setup. I ran each of the three yellow wires to an individual yellow wire from the computer power supply and soldered all connections which works very good.

The motherboard is not original to that Xbox360. The original motherboard fried when coolant leaked from a water block that I replaced because I didn't trim off the used end of the tubing before connecting it to the new block. Had to buy a refurbished Xbox360 just like I had which is good as that motherboard has four RAM chips on the bottom which my original motherboard didn't have.

The temp with the original motherboard and original liquid cooling system was 91F. When I installed the new motherboard the temp increased to 100F (processor and or GPU must be ran harder) then when I upgraded the liquid cooling system I got the temps I posted in my first post.

Normally the built in fan controller (based on coolant temp) keeps the fans running at its lowest automatic setting provided the room is about 72F so I never hear the fans at all.

At one point I tried putting two fans on the top and two on the bottom which didn't move as much air as the two fans stacked on top of each other. How I tested that was to use a spare 120mm fan and connect a voltmeter to the power and ground wires then set the fan on top so the air from the radiator fans would make the fan spin. The fan configuration which gave the highest voltage from the spare fan is what I believe to be producing the most air flow.
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wow. you're pretty handy!!!
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Can you post some more pictures of the stuff you have up there and whatever you did to wire that PSU? Different angles, can't really see what all that stuff is. Looks like the top of a PC case on the left with a little unknown device on top of it, PSU, then I'm guessing that's your radiator with the 2 fans then another unknown device(pump?) and your xbox.

I know enough about power supplies that they don't function without those wires being connected. Not that I would even attempt anything like what you're doing, I'm just curious how it's all working. Not a fan of all the lights, but still very impressive setup.

All looks very cramped in there, is that a dorm room?
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I'll take more pics tomorrow. The thing on the left is what is left of the original liquid cooling system and is only there for the temp readout and auto fan speed control. The thing on top of it is the transmitter for the Turtle Beach X-42 wireless headphones.

I'll have to look up online for the color codes of the wires then draw a diagram of how it connects. The thing to the right of the radiator is indeed the pump and reservoir with a flowmeter to the right then the Xbox.

Now I know for sure my Xbox will never overheat. My plan is to eventually incorporate the flowmeter so that it will indicate the coolant flow and also shut off the Xbox should the coolant stop flowing.

The Xbox is in a 12' X 12' heated and cooled building behind the house. Guess it would be called my man cave.
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it'd be nice if you could show bigger pics. it's hard to see the details.
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More pics

The tape holds a couple LEDs in place to light the reservoir. I've also got a fan blowing on my HDTV so the heat it generates don't get pulled in by the radiator fans








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a cool setup but man, upgrade that 60GB!!! tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by onlysublime View Post

a cool setup but man, upgrade that 60GB!!! tongue.gif

Thanks. I agree I need to. I could either buy the official larger drive or get an individual harddrive that works and do it myself. There's a procedure for that, but I forget how it's done.

Forgot to mention that the reservoir lights up a blue greenish color in the dark.


I need to work on the power cable today to clean some things up such as removing the big connector that would have plugged into a computer motherboard so I'll take pics and make a diagram of how the computer power supply is connected. I went so far as to remove from the power supply board those wires I would not be using which makes for a cleaner looking job.
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if you want to save money, get a refurbished HD from Gamestop. I got a 250GB drive from them for $30 during their regular hard drive sales. This past year, they had 3 sales of 50% off hard drives. I also got a 120 GB drive for $20. Works as-is for our older 360 systems. But if you had a newer 360 S, you just remove the external casing and plug it in (or if you don't want the drive exposed, get a cheap $5 casing for the new 360 S.
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So if I do that will I be able to transfer everything from my current hard drive and have the xbox think it always had the larger hard drive?

I honestly believe that Microsoft did everything in their power to make sure the xbox360 is not compatable with a pc.
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Originally Posted by onlysublime View Post

use a transfer cable.

Thanks. I'll have to get one of those.

Here's a pic of how to run the Xbox off a computer power supply.

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Wait wait wait, that power supply is powering your xbox? I thought it was just for your water cooling.
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Originally Posted by Yrd View Post

Wait wait wait, that power supply is powering your xbox? I thought it was just for your water cooling.

Yup it powers everything. Didn't want to fool with the xbox power supply which was just enough to power the xbox. Also it permitts everything to be turned on and off at the same time so no accidentally turning on the xbox without the cooling system.

The slim can be done the same way I assume since they do make power cable adapters which permit operation of the slim on an original xbox360 power supply.

The way it works is when the xbox is turned on the voltage on the blue wire turns on the transistor which effictively shorts the collector to ther emitter thusfore turning on the computer power supply. I suppose a relay could be used as well.

Failed to mention that the 5 volt wire in the xbox power cable must be connected to the 5 volt standby wire in the computwer power supply cable.
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Wow nice, I'd settle for any size replacement case where I can remount everything and change the stock fans out (original xbox). I never turn the thing on anymore it's so loud!
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Lian li either still makes or at one time made a case for tbe xbox360 that is similar to a computer case.

Mine with the original fans was never really loud.
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Originally Posted by jmcinvale View Post

Lian li either still makes or at one time made a case for tbe xbox360 that is similar to a computer case.
Mine with the original fans was never really loud.
Looks like that case was discontinued, that is just what I was looking for. I would love to remount my xbox 360 (original) into a bigger case with new fans. The thing is just too loud to use.
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Your best bet is to go with liquid cooling.

Bought all my stuff from here http://koolance.com/

They no longer have water blocks for the 360 though so I would think this one will work http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/xsxb360cpwa.html Have yet to try it though

I will be buying one soon as it will simplify the tubing routing inside of the 360.
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