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Denon AVR-1709 HDMI Problems

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Hi guys,
I'm a noob to this site so I'm sorry for the redundant question. I searched for the answer but I couldn't find it so here goes.

My friend has a Denon AVR-1709 that he was given by a buddy of his. In his home he has a 5.1 setup and an OLD Panasonic flat screen, like so old it only has one HDMI input.

On the back the 1709 it has inputs for HDMI and an out for HDMI. From what I understand reading your comments and posts, the 1709 won't process audio, so my question is this.

He has just purchased a Bluray Player and had added a new Verizon Fios box and bought HDMI cables to plug up everything. If he sends in the Fios and Bluray HDMI and goes out HDMI to the TV, how should he get the audio signal into the Denon from both of those devices?

A little about the TV, it has no speakers, one HDMI connection (labeled Monitor) and no audio out jacks.

Please please any help would be much appreciated guys.
Thank you in advance!

Bryan Garcia
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Also connect an optical cable from each device to the AVR for audio to the 5.1 setup.
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Awesome thank you so much jdsmoothie! I'm wondering also would it be possible to go component in from the Fios and Bluray and go out of the 1709 HDMI to the television?
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Sorry, but no ... HDMI---> HDMI only, no analog ---> HDMI conversion.
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Ok thank you.
So I would go HDMI in for video and optical for the audio? Is there (if you know) any settings I need to change on the receiver or will it automatically detect the hdmi and optical signals?

This guy had a MESS behind that receiver, with stuff plugged in every which way a Xbox with the normal RWY connections and the Fios with component and a bluray player hdmi. It was ugly...

Will I need to reset the unit to factory settings?

Thank you so much for your help, I had no idea this thing wouldn't carry
audio thru HDMI it had me all screwed up trying to
figure it out.
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Correct ... HDMI - video, Optical - audio with both inputs "assigned" to the same source name using the AVR's menu (pp. 25-26 Owner's manual). And yes, before starting the setup process, reset the microprocessor to the original factor level defaults. If the guy didn't pass along the Owner's manual, it can be downloaded from Denon's website.
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You are awesome, thank you so much!!!

Bryan Garcia
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