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Optimum LPF/crossover freq

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Hi all.

I used to be the proud owner of an Outlaw LFM-1 Plus subwoofer. In a moment of indiscretion, sold all of my HT equipment, minus my existing in-wall Sonance speakers. Now I'm on a serious budget with little money to spare. I moved my bedroom TV into our living room and used some gift cards to buy last years Denon AVR-2112CI receiver on clearance. It's making me crazy that I don't have a sub and I can't afford to buy one.

I had a set of Logitech z-5500 computer speakers that had an issue with the control pod, and Logitech ended up sending me a whole package. The sub and speakers have been sitting around unused and I wondered if there was a way to connect it to my receiver. After a bit of fishing I found a thread (here if anyone is interested) on a relatively simple way to modify a cable to the db-15 control port on the back that the pod would normally connect to. I ended up just ordering a pre-built one off ebay and expect it in the next couple of days. So even though it's less than optimum, I'll have a sub.

I'm pretty sure in my old set up, I sent my Outlaw sub a full range signal and let the sub's low pass filter cut out anything over ~120hz. The Logitech sub obviously won't have that option, so I was browsing around the setup menus in the Denon AVR. I found 2 settings and I'm not sure what the difference is or what I should set them to.

The first was "LPF for LFE". Seems straight forward... I was guessing at setting all my speakers to small and setting this LPF to 120hz. But then there is another option in the Audio set up that just says "Crossover Frequency". This seems redundant.... unless the first setting is just the LPF for the sub and the crossover is the HPF for the mains? Anyway, if anybody could offer some insight / advice as to what I should set these too, I would appreciate it.
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"LPF for LFE" is a filter exclusive to the LFE channel - set it to 120Hz so that your AVR will process the full possible range of LFE content (0 to 120Hz). For the crossover between your speakers and your sub, set the Crossover Frequency to the desired frequency (i.e., 120Hz).
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