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speakers distribution for background music

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Hello forum!

Hope you all can help me with this, as i mentioned before, i´m really a newbie in this all house audio distribution systems. That´s why i started with the basics (i think): speakers

Now i have more knowleadge of certain specs as Sensitivity, crossover frequency, impedance, etc....

Right now i am facing the distribution, speakers placement, coverage area stuff like that. I have downloaded some info on the web and would like to know for example, how can i dimensioned the quantity of speakers, the space between them, do i choose ceiling or in wall mount speakers??? suddenly all this doubts came to my mind and it´s really annoying because i doubts generate sleeplessness.

I started with this manual :
it gives me some basics like understanding:

"The area covered by a ceiling speaker involves projecting the speaker’s (conical) coverage angle out to the distance between the speaker and the listener, and calculating the area of the resulting circle."

The interesting part for me is this:

it is clear that the best pattern is the last one, where i put more speakers with more overlap so i would not leave any gaps. Also because i will have a more "uniform sound" using less power of the amp. So to make this distribution, my first question is:

Why the manufacturers doesn´t give us the coverage radius as a specification of the speaker??
I have checked many different speakers datasheets and none of them show me this parameter.
For example :
I am thinking to buy a VP65S on ceiling speaker by the manufacturer sonance

The same happened to speakercraft :

So at the downloaded section (sonance speaker) i found this table:

i assume this is for only sonance ceiling speakers with "x" coverage area not mentioned at the pdf. My second question is, can i use this table as a rule to any manufacturer speakers and without knowing the coverage radius?

Because i have also find this guy over the web that mentioned this:

".... the general rule for mounting placement of in-wall or ceiling mounted distributed speakers is to place them the same distance apart from each other as what the floor-to-ceiling height is."


(By the way, i am reffering to stereo background music audio system, not for a Hometheater speaker placement)

I know that the speakers response depends of the acoustics of thebackyard, living room or the dinning, etc... but there must be some references that can help you to choose the number of speakers and the spacement between them. I dont want to buy 5 speaker that cost $250.00 each to make the empirical test!!!!

If anyone had some reference or info related about his topic, i will really appreciatte it. Hope anyone can read all this thread.

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Please any advice about this thread?
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Originally Posted by franciscom View Post

Please any advice about this thread?

This service is free, and no purchase is required.

Some more info to read
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