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Will an Epson 5010 work for this setup?

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I want to do about a 140 in screen. This particular wall is 88 inches high, which would leave me 20" of room from the top and bottom. My center channel is 11" high, which leaves 9" from the top of the wall. Is that enough, or am I going to have to go smaller with the screen? The ceiling is going to be painted Behr Silverscreen, and the walls are going to be very much darker, so I shouldn't get a whole lot of reflection. Also, the room is 100% light controlled.


The other compounding factor is the mounting height. I'll have to mount it in between the air return and the I-beam, which is 7 1/4" inches lower than the top of the screen wall. The lens would be about 12 feet away (although I can always go further back if need be; it just wouldn't look as good). Is that going to be a problem?


Thanks in advance.
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1. Make the Screen as small as you need by first TEMPORARILY hanging the Speaker and measure your remaining space, subtracting the Trim (top & Bottom width).

2. You know...with those Ceiling Tiles you could recess the back end into a Cut-out in the Tile? Every inch you gain will be a inch not lost on the Vertical Screen size. I can see you hanging the Center Channel from supports above the Grid, and having the least amount of Speaker protruding.

3. Reconsider your Color Scheme. Behr SS made 2x darker (tint-wise) on the "Walls" and the Ceiling is Behr SS at 4x Darker (tint-wise). The ceiling is by far your biggest concern because you will be crowding it. You might also try adding a slight Blue cast to the SS as that pretties up that Color, but as long as you maintain a Flat sheen, it will still "fade away' when the lights go down / off.

As for your original question...absolutely...the 5010 is more than capable.

....however, to achieve a 140" diagonal image will require a minimum Throw Distance of 14' . The maximum screen size you can get at 11'-6" (...you don't want to stretch it...) is 120" diagonal

There is no getting around that.
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Okay, awesome. I can move the projector back as far as it needs to go. That's not a problem.

I don't know if my wife will let me do such a dark color on the ceiling, as she says it makes the room feel too small. Perhaps just painting the tiles directly above the screen a dark color would be okay? If not, how much vertical room would I need for the ceiling color to no longer be an issue? SS seems pretty dark right now, but that could be because of the shadows on it.
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