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Gday Guys,

Ive had this rear projection unit for a long time recessed into a wall and the other day for some reason i decided to try the auto convergence now the colours are everywhere.

So i tried the manual convergence from the service menu took about an hour lining everything up was pretty happy with the results watched a movie after that with no worries and the next morning when i powered the tv on again the colours were all funny again.

So i manually did it again took another hour and was happy again until the tv switched to from 50hz to 60hz in a wii game and the colours went everywhere again.

I am lost as to what i should do now maybe a part is buggered theres alot of posts on the internet saying to replace 2 STK-392-120 ICs but i dont think that will help me because i can still adjust the convergence manually.. am i correct????

Maybe its a problem that the TV isnt storing settings when turned off how would i go about fixing this do they have a battery like a computer motherboard or something? :S

And finally any ideas as to why the auto convergence wouldnt work? the tv was find before i played with this setting no colour shadows or anything.

I really dont want to get rid of this set as it is recessed into the wall and im up for alot of money if i have to alter the wall for a new tv.

Please help :-)
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I'd love a copy of the service manual 2 if anyone knows where to find one
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Have you done a search?
Have you looked through the "sticky" at the top of the sub-forum?

Never heard of a TV that didn't remember convergence settings.
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