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Onkyo 818 and Dynaudio 70s

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Hi I'm new to the forum, had an Onkyo 676 for the past 12 years or so and just upgraded to the 818.

The sales guy convinced me that the 515 and 616 would not drive my Dynaudio 70s (see attached) and that I needed the 818 which made sense, I remember from when I bought them that they were reputedly hard to drive. Very impressed with all the 818 functions and sounds ok to me, although not spectacular. I haven't really been using my old AVR at higher volumes for some time so have no reference.

I've been doing some reading and bumped into a thread somewhere that mentioned that no AVR in the 818's price range will drive a 4 ohm speaker. Is this true, have I bought something that won't really work ?

While I am on the subject, if I was to go for new fronts would the Polk A7s or B&W 684s or 683s work well. Any other suggestions, Mission, KEF ??

I have a Polk CS300 centre and Polk RT25i surrounds. Are these good enough (if anyone remembers them)?


Audience70.pdf 77k .pdf file
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Welcome to AVS Forum.

You're better served posting your question in the Onkyo 818 Owner's thread ---> http://www.avsforum.com/t/1412714/onkyo-tx-nr818-official-owners-thread-discussion/0_100
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Thanks for the advice and welcome. Was considering posting there, but thought that I may find more people here who know the Dynaudio 70s and felt that the question re the 4ohms was quite general.

Will post in the owner's thread as well.
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You want to get the experience of 818 owners that are using 4-ohm speakers so better to post in the owner's thread.
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