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New Home Wall Unit help!

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Gents- Just bought a new home and am building a wall unit for a family room adjacent to the kitchen and backyard. (see attched drawing)

This is not the primary Tv/Theater room but want to have a TV in this location for parties, watching the news/games while coooking ect.The seating in the room will be quite close to the TV (8-9) feet and I know it will be serious neck breaker to sit there to watch something for any amount of time but again this wont be done often. I am thinking a 60 perhpas a 65 due to the size of the fireplace and opening.What do you guys think too big?

Initially I am not planning on having a receiver and speakers set up but want to run the wires in case I change my mind down the road.

My thoughts on the design/layout are as follows.
1)Lower left cabinet will house the STB, future receiver ect.

2)Mount the tv on a articulating mount (monprice #8587) This should hold a 60" or 65" no problem and allow for the tv to be tilted/swivled to minimize the neck pain when sitting in the room.

3) Run several HDMI cables (monoprice slim Redmere models) and Cat 6 from the cabinet to the Tv mount.

4)Planning on having cutouts(like a desk pass through) on the lower shelves on the top of each cabinet to faciliate future placement of bookshelf speakers and run speaker wire to the tv mount as well should I decide I want a center channel as well down the road.

5) As the componets will be behind the cabinet door was thinking of using the "Next generation remote extender" http://www.amazon.com/Next-Generatio.../dp/B000C1Z0HA to handle the control aspect of the tv? Anyone have experience with this model or a better cost effective solution?

Any other details Ive missed or suggestions to future proof this thing? ANy suggestions on what speaker wire to use from Monoprice for the inwall runs?

Thanks for your time! wallunit.JPG 63k .JPG file
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not reading this train wreck.
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Do you have a photo of the area now? Is it just a wall with a fireplace?
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Dont have pic but can certainly take one and post it later. Right now it is just a wall and fireplace.
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