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Epson 6010 w/ Panamorph UH480 - What "all around" screen/material?

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I'm looking for some inputs on what "all around" screen would work best for my equipment. I'm waiting on some advice in the CIH forum on whether or not to go Curved for the screen. Some of this I just copied from my other post and just tailored it for this one, but I wanted to keep each question in their specific forum.

I have a Panamorph UH480 coming and have pretty much decided on an Epson 6010 (I don't want to deal with JVC's bulb issues being stationed Overseas). It'll be a scope of 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 and about 60" high by whatever is the matching width for the correlating aspect ratio.

Currently, it's a living room about 17.5'X22.5', with the 3 seat couch about 11' back facing the screen area, the love seat off to the left perpendicularly and recliner that swivels to the right. I have flexibility to move the seating distance up or back. Right now, I can only mount the projector on a shelf as I have vaulted ceilings. I can control most of the light w/ drapery or shades for the windows or sky lights. There is some light during the day that gets in, but it won't really directly hit the screen. The walls are a Beige color but where the screen is going, it'll almost completely cover the wall and probably overshoot it some, and there are no walls directly to the left or right and again, it's a vaulted ceiling, so no real reflections there.

Since I move a lot in the military, I think it might be easier to get a drop down screen or maybe even a regular fixed screen that'll be easier to set up and tear down to ship. But as I move a lot, I don't know what viewing environment I may have in the future so I need a screen that is good all around. I have a budget of about $3k and my dealer has access to Draper, Vutec and maybe DA-Lite. I have l thought about the higher gain screens that are gray based to help with contrast and still maintain high brightness to help combat ambient light and bulb dimming. I know they have a slightly smaller viewing angle so right now, only the 3 seat couch would be in the best position for that. I've read there may be some production issues w/ the HCHP from DA-Lite but over all it's well received. I haven't seen any recent comments of Vutec's Silverstar or Pearlbrite in recent years during my search (but I may just not know how/where to look). What about Draper's Contrast Radiant?

I'm not completely against a lower gain screen, but I'm worried the brightness will fall to much after bulb dimming with the size screen I'm looking for. Or maybe for an "all around" screen, I need a different material and should consider a smaller screen size, say 54" high?

Below are some various pics from when I first moved in and didn't have the drapes or shades in yet. And yes, I have already replaced the Sony XBR w/ a Sharp LCD.

Sorry for the long post, but I always see here they say we need more info, so I try to be a detailed as possible. Thanks in advance!


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Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
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If you are OK with a fixed frame solution you might want to consider the SilverStar by Vutec. I think it's available either flat or curved. It works great in ambient light and is a good match for 3D.
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curved will work better now with the panamorph. however 4k is right around the cornor and I really don't know how much longer anamorphic lenses will be around. Let me qualify they will be around a long time but as projectors get brigher and 4k now you don't really need one or deal with the distortion issues. A flat screen works better. I think a flat screen is more future proof. But the is a sexy appeal to a curved screen.
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Guys, thanks for the help so far. As I mentioned in my other thread about trying to decide about a curved screen or not, it took me so long to reply because I was off Island and Scuba Diving in Saipan. Great place for it!

Pete, how does the Silverstar do w/ black levels? And did I read the info on their website right, it's got a 6.0 gain?!?!?!

Is it a grey based like the DA-lite High Contrast High Power or Draper Contrast Radiant? Anybody have those screens and can comment on it?

Lastly, I think I'm going to wait a month or two til the new projectors that were just announced comes out. Probably still getting the Epson but the info about JVC's w/ new and long lasting lamps and possible 3D improvements will make it a tough choice. Hope some people can get their hands on them and give us some real world data soon!
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