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HTIB or Build My System

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Greetings everyone. I'm going to upgrade my TV to a Panasonic 60" plasma and I want to bring the audio up to snuff as well. I'd like to get a 3D Blu-Ray player just so that I've got 3D capability if I ever want to use it. My current room is about 14' x 18' and I don't have much room behind the couch for a ton of speakers. My current setup is a little Onkyo DR-UN7 driving Bose cube speakers and a passive sub. It's fine for what I do, but hey, it's time to upgrade.

At this point, I know that whatever I get will be better than what I've got and I'm looking for advice from people that have lived with systems for a while. I'm leaning towards a generic HTIB because I can get a Blu-Ray player with decent audio for a nice price but I'm not afraid of building my own either. This is where I could use some sage advice from you.

My budget probably tops out around $600 or so, but I'm willing to push it for a deal. I'll primarily use the system for TV, XBOX 360 including music games, and movies in that order. Any builds or packages you recommend would be a great help. I know I'm not a big enough audiophile to appreciate the best stuff, so the top of the line isn't necessary. I'm just looking for a nice system that gives me some good sound. I do prefer systems with a clean, minimalist design that use smaller tabletop speakers as opposed to big towers. It's nice that those little Bose speakers don't stand out like crazy. Thank you all in advance.

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I sort of answered this in another thread but you're always best to build your own system and can put together a rather nice sounding system, especially at your price point. There is nothing wrong with HTiB systems (I have one) but if your budget allows you to expand more, then I'd go for separates. If you do go HTiB, don't get one with built-in blu-ray player. You're best off to get a separate player and good ones can be had for about $150. You can get a nice 7.1 receiver and just use 5 speakers but retain the capacity to add on later if your environment changes. The satellites should actually go to the side of the couch so if you've got some space on the sides, you're good to go. There are some really nice bookshelf-sized speakers (I know, I've been looking) that you can put on stands that still retain that minimalist look for sound great.
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