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Which infinity 126?w to go with?

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Hey, I can't decide. Right now I have a single oaudio 500w amp and I'm looking for another. I'll be building two enclosures to house an infinity sub. Each cab will be 2.5 cubes tuned to 22-23 hz

Do I buy the single vc one and run each sub with 500 potential watts

Or do I buy the dual vc and run them at 8 ohms and give each sub 325 watts. My thought is I could buy 4 subs total and later on when I have the room I could run all four subs off the two amps and give each sub 250 watts

Also if you know of an oaudio amp out there let me know!

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That's a pretty small box for such a low tune, which means a very small port, or a very intricate slot port. 500 watts makes the issue bigger, as you will need a properly sized vent to prevent noise. The Oaudio amp also has boost applied to all of the HPF's, which you have to account for in your design, 2.5 ft3 20hz actually works well with the 20hz HPF, except for the part about needing a good sized port. If you can figure out how to build something like a 1.5" x 10" x 37" slot port into the box (wrap around the entire inside), you wont have any issues.
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The plan is to use a slot port that wraps around the cabinet as you say. I'll be using the 20 hz hp filter as that will have the lowest amount of boost. I'll probably go with a port that's 1.5 x 11 or so.

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I was in a similar situation to you not long ago, accept I didn't already have amps in hand.

I knew that I was planning to get a pro audio amp so my choices were slightly different. I had a few more choices about what load to present to the amp. I ended up getting four 1260's in 4ohm and running two per cabinet. So the amp sees 2ohm stereo for about 750 per enclosure. My enclosures are also sealed, not ported.

Have you done any modeling to see how much power the subs will take before they hit the limits of excursion? With 500 watts in a ported enclosure you may be getting pretty close, though I haven't run any numbers to be sure. If there is even a thought of purchasing 4 subs and that you'll be using the other two in the future you really need to think about how you plan to run them in the future before making your purchase. Do you plan to use the same amps on your future build? Do you plan to go sealed or ported on your future build? Would your amps support the load presented in your future build (if you plan to use the same amps...)?

Personally, I would say figure all that future stuff out now and just build what you plan to do in the future. I know it's not my money being spent on this, but these subs are super cheap and lumber isn't that costly either. Lumber (and other building supplies) and four subs you're only looking at like $350-400. I have no idea what another O Audio amp would cost you but I assume you could do this entire build for less than 8 or 900. And when the "future" comes around, you'll already be done and enjoying your subs. Use that "future upgrade money" for a really nice veneer or something down the road. Or buy the subs and build both enclosures and then just buy another amp when money is available. That way all you'll have to do is mount the amp in your second enclosure and you'll be done.

Sorry for just adding more questions, but you really need to think about future needs if you're planning to buy four of these bad boys.
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For the future build I plan on building two more identical ported subs and running them off of the oaudio amps I have. So 2 subs per amp at 4 ohm load so each sub would see 250 watts or so. If I go with the 1260 and go with 500 watts to each sub then there will be no future build. So I guess its how 4 subs with 250 watts each model against 2 subs with 500 watts each.

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Originally Posted by saabracer23 View Post

So I guess its how 4 subs with 250 watts each model against 2 subs with 500 watts each.

Well, there you go. Figure that out and you may be able to eliminate some of those questions.

I say just go balls out and get 8 subs with a huge Crown amp biggrin.gif - I have a history of telling people to go overboard
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