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AVS Forum Follow Us Contest: Win a Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D Projector or a Nexus 7 Tablet!  

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AVS Forum Follow Us Contest: Win a Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D Projector or a Nexus 7 Tablet!

To kick off our AVS Forum Newsletter (yeah, we figured we might want to actually send one of those out to all of you who have asked for one over the years!), we worked with the folks at AV Science to pull together a pretty awesome contest for AVS members. We're giving away a Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D DLP Projector (with a retail value of $2,249.00) including one pair of 3D Glasses and a Darbee Vision Darblet (retail value of $269.00) to one lucky member. Plus we're giving away a Nexus 7 Tablet to a runner-up to start getting folks ready for our upcoming AVS HTML5 mobile site launch!

All you need to do is post in this thread and/or follow AVS Forum on Twitter between now and September 13, 2012 and you're entered! If you do both, you get two chances to win! It's that simple. Good luck!

Contest rules: http://www.avsforum.com/a/follow-us-terms-and-conditions
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Crossing my fingers for the projector...
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Thanks to the multitude of helpful counsel and advice we received from AVS members and staff we have a 13' X 26' multi-purpose home theater room with a SONY VPL-VW60 1080p projector and 100 inch electric retractable Stewart SST tab-tensioned screen along with a 9.2 surround system = ONKYO PR-SC5508, pre-pro coupled with Parasound HALO A51 and HALO A23 power amps powering our Definitive Technology speakers. It has given us years of AV enjoyment and we would never have attempted or completed such a challenging endeavor on our own were it not for AVS.

Whether we win a prize or not we already consider ourselves winners having become a part of the AVS community smile.gif
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seriously? you're excluding Rhode Island, WHY!? confused.giffrown.gif

NM was just told i was eligible, happy now toes crosses(much more lucky than fingers,not that i ever win anything)
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This site is easily the most valuble place for information on anything and everything home theater! The fact that there are so many active members also helps!

And, of course, a new projector is always nice!

Note: Yes, my location says Germany. I am in the military, stationed in Germany, deployed to Djibouti, my home away from my home away from home. My home of record (legal residence) is in the US.
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would love to win
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Huge AVS fan! Have young family, and no budget... This would be an absolute dream. Here goes nothing!
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This would be so awesome, count me in!
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I could use a second darbee!!! Just got mine two days ago

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Hi there hoping to win the projector as my 5500 could use updating.

If I win I promise to give away my 5500 if the winner will pay the shipping fee.
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This is a great contest, count me in. Good luck to everyone who enters by posting/tweeting.

Edit: Just saw Florida is excluded. Oh well, still, good luck to the others who have entered.
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I hope I win!!
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Fingers crossed !
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My X10 has been crapped out for months now and I could sooooooo use a new projector! My basement hasn't even been used in months!
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Sweet. I will hop in! I am on here daily trying to plan my setup, this would be the best way to start!
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Count me in!
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Count me in. I have been looking for a projector!!!!!!
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Winning the darbee would be great!..personally was planning to wait and purchase the second generation but if I win this my local COC club can use it and maybe the members will become believers would love to buy one themselves.
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Hi all,

realistically, I don't have any grand dillusions of being a winner, but of course there are always hopes and dreams. smile.gif

I would like to say that over the years this site has become like a drug to me. I literally feel anxiety if i can't get my AVS fix on a regular basis.

I've never been a huge poster on these forums, as seen by my low post count over the many years I've been visiting this site, but the wealth of knowledge and information made available by the many dedicated and knowledgable members here has been invaluable and I feel like I owe a debt to so many (check is in the mail) biggrin.gif and I would just like to say a big THANK YOU!
I'm sure there are many here that feel the same.


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Hmmm....just what I need to fill in the living room. Oh I can see it now in all it's gloriousness! Yesssssssssssssssssssssss
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I'm in, what a great contest!!
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i'm really hoping this is the first time I win something!!
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im in too, heres to hoping
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OOOO! Pick Me! Pick Me!!

I could finally upgrade to 1080 from 720!
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In this thread biggrin.gif
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Would love a projector!!
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Mine! Mine! Mine!
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followed! smile.gif
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Count me in!
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What a sweet addition to the cave this would be!

Count me in.
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