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Help with narrowing down for a receiver

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I'm interested in getting another receiver.Right now I have an Onkyo tx-sr507.It seems to work fine and sound good for ht and ok for music.This new receiver would be for another room and possibly my mancave if we get a house next year.I have a few options I would like on it,but many aren't that big of a deal.I would probably be fine with 5.1 but might like a 7.1 if there is room.I would like a 2nd zone(powered,my Onkyo has this),I don't need many hdmi ports(maybe 4 tops),I would like to play sacd's through it(my Onkyo does dsd over hdmi).I have been looking at several options and would like help in narrowing the field down some more.I assume that ht would be fine and would like a good receiver for music.Onkyo - tx-nr609 , ht-rc360 , tx-nr616 , tx-nr515 , tx-sr608. Denon avr-890 and avr-2310. I don't see a need for pre-outs. I also don't need 3d but would like hdmi pass through in standby mode. Thanks for any help or info with narrowing my choices down. Right now the avr-890 is my favorite , but I like my onkyo and haven't had any hdmi problems , although it does get quite warm.
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All of those models use some form of Audyssey Auto EQ (Onkyo - 2EQ which cannot EQ the sub; and Denon - MultEQ which can EQ the sub and has 2x the number of speaker filters as does 2EQ) and although the Onkyo models will pass DSD over HDMI whereas the Denon models cannot, Audyssey cannot be used with DSD audio which is why most owners let the player decode the DSD and pass it as PCM to the AVR so that Audyssey can be enabled.
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I had the Denon choices on my list because of the 7.1 analog inputs.Would that help with the sacd player? Right now I am using a Pioneer dvd/sacd player that lets me use hdmi or analog outputs if I want(I'm using the hdmi with the Onkyo).I might look for another sacd player after I get another receiver and am not sure if it would let me use hdmi or not.
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Although you can use the multi analog inputs (EXT IN), doing so would also disable Audyssey and therefore not the recommended configuration.
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So I could go down a model or two if I went with Denon and not need the analog inputsand have it pass as pcm? I'm just trying to find the lowest model still available with most of the features I would like. I heard Denon is more favorable than Onkyo for music and I love my music but am familiar with the Onkyo I already have and am used to the remote(I heard the Denon remotes can be confusing).I also read thet the Denon Audyssey is a bit better.
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Correct, although with the 2310CI you can install the firmware updates via a RS-232 jack (not available on the 890) if it's not already updated to the latest firmware. See post #2013 in the Denon AVR-2310 Owner's thread.
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Are the 7.1 analog inputs any benefit then? Are the Onkyo's that say they can do dsd over hdmi really any better? If not , then I can go down a few models (provided I can find them) and save me some money? I only need 3 or 4 hdmi inputs max and pass-through in standby . A usb port , 7.1 , better Auddysey(which couldn't hurt to have) , and a powered zone 2( would like but not a deal breaker), would all just be extras.I would only have a cable box and dvd player to hook up through hdmi. Might eventually get a blu-ray and/or sacd player also for the new receiver and am not sure if analog inputs would help.I just thought I might try a Denon and can get a refurb of older models for a good price at a4l. Just trying to narrow my choices of the above down and might also be able to add a couple others if the analog inputs aren't needed.
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Not if you prefer using Audyssey, no.
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Right now my Onkyo displays dvd/dsd when I use my dvd player for sacd's.To me,it sounds wonderful.I don't know if it is using Auddysey or not.It is just cleaner (from sacd I think?).Would the Denon or any other receiver with analog inputs sound the same?Just tryin to narrow down receivers for a purchaase.
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Just went through the settings and played a couple of sacd's through multi-channel pcm.I have to say it sounded much better.Would a refurb 2310 be a good bargain as it meets most of my want list feature wise?
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Yes, the 2310CI is a fine AVR and as it has a RS-232 jack, you can install the firmware update available for it as well (see post #2013 in the Denon AVR-2310CI Owner's thread.)
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