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Lip Sync Issues!!!

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My setup is as follows:

HTPC Build:
Radeon HD 7770 Black edition (O.C)
8 GBs Corsair Vengance RAM
64GB SSD Hard Drive
1TB Hard Drive running my HD Movies

70" Sharp LC-70LE732U

Onkyo HT-RC360

VLC Media Player
Shark007 Codec Pack
(Tried Standalone XBMC)

My whole problem started with screen stuttering every few seconds while watching movies. What finally fixed that for me was actually going into my graphics card and changing it from 60hz to 24 hz (Which btw Im not happy about)
Im currently running my TV at 120hz and for some reason my graphics card and TV just cant figure out the hz.. Once I fixed that I automatically started to see lip sync issues. So I went into my reciever
and turned lip sync on. That didnt fix the issue. I went into shark007s audio configuration and changed the audio delay in both directions to an extreme level, didnt change a thing.
Im currently using VLC media player but Ive tried XBMC and Windows media player classic. Ive also tried to remove FFDShow or whatever just for kicks but that didnt work either.
Im running out of ideas and am about to put my head through a wall. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!
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Try MPC-HC with MadVR and LAV. Maybe even add in reclock.
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Originally Posted by adminftw85 View Post

My setup is as follows:

Shark007 Codec Pack

Im currently using VLC media player

VLC is a self contained media player and the Shark007 codecs have zero influence on this player.
If you are not into using the Microsoft supplied players such as Windows Media Player or Media Center,
I suggest you acquire and use MPC-HC from my Tools page. This player is pre-configured to use the installed codecs.

I also suggest that you press [Reset All] and select the [x] SUGGESTED settings checkbox in the Settings Application.
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And if you are into using the WMC player, go to shark's site and d/l the approriate codecs..
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