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Replacement for Meridian G68

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After many years of delivering great sound, my Meridian G68 has given up the ghost.

I'm awaiting a repair quote but I suspect the cost is going to be close to the cost of a new preamp.

The G68 was controlling a Plinius Odeon and Focal speakers (Utopia) in a treated room.

Bearing in mind that since the GFC not all brands are available in Australia, it appears my choices may be limited to a new Meridian G68, Bryston and Classe.

Denon, Marantz etc are available here too but all I need is brilliantly clear TV and movie diction.

I only need 7 channels, no HDMI switching or scaling, no second room, no stereo, no music etc., .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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At least in the US & UK, I understand that Meridian has moved to a single price on out-of-warranty repairs. I believe it's roughly $1k USD. You might ask how things are being handled in Australia, because that's a lot less than a new Meridian/Bryston/Classe pre-pro.

What source are you using? Unless you're using a modified player, lack of HDMI would imply lack of lossless audio from Blu-ray, or a pre-pro with 7+ channel analog input....

Good luck from a fellow G68 owner,
Drew Dean
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Hi Drew

Firstly, on Friday just under three weeks from when it was sent in to the local distributor, they finally after much nagging by the dealer, reported back that they'd now opened the G68 and it needs a new main board, new power supply, new display board etc. and it's not worth fixing.

They distribute and repair about 34 different audio products including Onkyo and Integra so Meridian cannot be that important to them:


Faced with the above, the only two alternatives available appear to be either sending it back to the UK for repair or replacing it.

They apparently carry no Meridian stock so I'd have to wait for a new G68 to be ordered and shipped from the UK and based on their service to date, that would take months. Additionally there's no way I'd consider buying a Meridian product in this country where service is pretty poor.

So as you can see, my choices are are limited particularly as I use the system daily for at least two/three hours and cannot wait again.

Now I'm going to call Meridian in the UK and see what they suggest but I'm not optimistic.


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